Mirrors News

  1. What Is A Front Surface Mirror?

    This article identifies the differences a front surface mirror has from other types of mirrors and the benefits of its use.

  2. Introducing The ‘Smart Mirror’

    Lasers play roles in many manufacturing processes, from welding car parts to crafting engine components with 3D printers.* To control these tasks, manufacturers must ensure that their lasers fire at the correct power. 

  3. TU Wien Develops New Semiconductor Processing Technology

    Extremely fine porous structures with tiny holes - resembling a kind of sponge at nano level - can be generated in semiconductors.

  4. Clamping Down on Causality By Probing Laser Cavities

    Since the realization of the first laser cavity countless questions have been asked for which laser light has provided the answer. Numerous questions have also been posed in an effort to improve on our abilities to produce lasers with various performance specifications and wavelengths.

  5. High-Power Laser Mirrors Reflect Three Wavelengths

    LASER COMPONENTS developed a new coating process for so-called triple mirrors that makes it possible to apply this complex layer design in one pass. Coatings for three wavelengths used to have to be manufactured in two passes. The new method not only results in higher specifications, but it also has the additional advantage of a shorter duration of production.

  6. Reflecting Light Off Mirrored Cantilevers To Measure Minute Forces

    Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML) have created optomechanical devices that utilize the momentum of photons to measure seldom-known minute forces.

  7. Proving Einstein Right… Again: Gravitational Wave Astronomy Is Now A Reality

    On Sept. 14, 2015 at 5:51 a.m. EST, a very specific set of 40 kg mirrors moved in a very specific way — a distance thousands of times smaller than a proton — and humanity entered a new era. We spoke with David Reitze, executive director of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), about the technology that confirmed Albert Einstein's theory of ripples in spacetime.

  8. PI's New Faster, Larger Tip/Tilt Piezo Beam Steering Mirrors

    PI recently released their newest piezo steering mirrors, the S-331 fast tip/tilt platform with milli-second response and setting time and high dynamic linearity. These fast tip/tilt platforms are ideal for precision optics application in ambient and vacuum enviroments.

  9. Extending The Lifetime Of Atoms Using A Mirror

    Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have succeeded in an experiment where they get an artificial atom to survive ten times longer than normal by positioning the atom in front of a mirror. The findings were recently published in the journal Nature Physics.

  10. Acton Optics & Coatings Introduces 193nm XL Excimer Laser Mirror Coating

    Acton Optics & Coatings recently developed a new 193nm XL high-reflectance coating ideal for low-fluence, high-repetition excimer laser applications. This new coating is also great for micromachining and materials processing applications.