Line Scan Cameras News

  1. Xenics‘ Line-Scan And 2D SWIR Cameras For Medical OCT Enabling High Resolution Non-Destructive Depth Analysis

    Xenics‘ SWIR cameras for Optical Coherence Tomography (OTC) offer a multitude of applications such as detail-rich imaging from the deeper layers of living tissue – which is of special value and utility to ophthalmologists.

  2. Cost-Efficient Basler Racer 2k And 4k Line Scan Cameras Ready For Series Production

    Digital camera specialist Basler is starting series production of their 2k racer line scan cameras. Their 4k models will follow soon. The cameras have a small footprint – just 56 mm wide and 62 mm high, have advanced sensor technology that produces excellent images, and are very attractively priced.

  3. Teledyne DALSA Announces Faster, Higher Resolution Piranha4 8k Color CMOS Line Scan Camera

    Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and a global leader in machine vision technology, recently continued its advanced CMOS sensor deployment with the launch of the new Piranha4 8k Color CMOS line scan camera with 8k resolution and a 7 µm x 7 µm pixel size for optimized optical design.

  4. VISION 2012: Basler To Present A Broad Line Of USB 3.0 Cameras In ace Series And New Racer Line Scan Cameras

    At the upcoming VISION 2012 trade show, Basler will present a wide selection of ace area scan cameras featuring a USB 3.0 interface. These new cameras are compliant with the new USB3 Vision standard, which ensures that users will enjoy reliable data transmission, greatest possible flexibility in selecting a camera and long-term safeguarding of their investment.

  5. Using A High-Line-Rate SWIR Line Scan Camera To Capture Fast-Changing Optical Light Variation
    This article describes observations about office lighting that were discovered while investigating ways to illustrate the speed of a new high-speed, indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) line scan camera (SU1024LDH2). By Douglas Malchow, Sensors Unlimited – Goodrich ISR Systems