Hot Products

  1. Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) With Enhanced NIR Sensitivity To 950 nm: Series 9.5

    First Sensor’s Series 9.5 Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) are designed with enhanced NIR sensitivity to 950 nm, providing fundamental technology for the development of custom-designed solutions such as different geometries, packages, and arrays.

  2. Tailored Solutions For Optimal Sensors

    First Sensor provides a continuous tailored process for assisting customers in finding the optimum sensor solutions for standard sensors, modifications thereof, or a custom development. This process begins with the analyzation of the customers’ specific task, and then moves to the creation of a plan, and the development and management of the entire sensor solution.

  3. HDR CMOS Camera for Automotive and Mobile OEM Applications: Blue Eagle Cameras

    First Sensor’s HDR CMOS camera offers a greater than 100 dB dynamic range, a wide range of digital data interfaces, and an operating temperature range of -40 to +95oC. These specifications coupled with their ruggedness make them ideal for front/rear/blind spot detection in cars, heavy trucks, forklifts, agricultural equipment, and mining machines.

  4. Quadrant Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs): Series 9 And Series 10

    First Sensor offers a range of quadrant avalanche photodiodes (APDs) optimized for 760-910 nm with QE>80%, or for 850-1070 nm with high QE. Selected chips are also available with a bandpass (BP) filter. With an active area segmented in four quadrants, these APDs have good uniformity, high-speed, low noise and a low slope multiplication curve.

  5. Quadrant PIN Diodes

    Quadrant PIN photodiodes are discrete components that usually feature four optically active areas separated by a small gap. First Sensor has combined the highest sensitivity, high speed, low noise, and low crosstalk into this wide range of quadrant detectors. These sensors are optimized for ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light, as well as ionizing radiation, and are used in many applications for detecting laser beam positions, collimators, and other applications to facilitate adjustment.

  6. Solid-State Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) For Near-Ultraviolet or Red, Green & Blue Light Detection

    First Sensor offers a new series of innovative solid-state silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) that are designed to detect ultra-low light levels down to single photons. These detectors are optimized for near-ultraviolet (Series SiPM-NUV) or red, green, and blue (Series SiPM-RGB) light detection with peak sensitivities at 420 nm or 550 nm. Key features include a low operating voltage, high gain and low noise, and immunity to magnet fields.

  7. Detect Ionizing Radiation: X7 Photodiode Series

    First Sensor’s X7 series of photodiodes come in ultra-flat chip-scale packages and have been optimized for scintillator luminescence detection in the VIS range. The surface of the device is bond-wire free to allow for precision mounting of a scintillation crystal.

  8. Sensors Help To Optimize Medical Care

    Medical care of patients is becoming increasingly complex. Sensor technologies are playing a more and more important role in making medical devices more reliable and in simplifying their use for doctors, hospital and care staff or even, patients.

  9. Ultra Compact SMD Photodiode Package: AD230-8 SMD

    First Sensor presents a new ultra compact flat no-leads package (QFN, ODFN) for its APDs and PIN photodiodes. The plastic encapsulated reflow solderable SMD package features a footprint of only 4 mm² and very good resistance to moisture (MSL3). Applications include laser distance meters, rangefinders, LIDAR, high speed photometry, optical fiber communication, and more.