Quadrant PIN Diodes

Source: First Sensor AG

Quadrant PIN Diodes

Quadrant PIN photodiodes are discrete components that usually feature four optically active areas separated by a small gap. First Sensor has combined the highest sensitivity, high speed, low noise, and low crosstalk into this wide range of quadrant detectors. These sensors are optimized for ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light, as well as ionizing radiation, and are used in many applications for detecting laser beam positions, collimators, and other applications to facilitate adjustment.

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These quadrant Pin diodes come in three different series; Series 6 of low dark current diodes, Series 7 of fully depletable diodes, and Series Q for 1064 nm. Full customization of both the packaging and the detector is possible for each specific application.

Special Features include:

  • Small gap areas
  • Low dark current
  • High shunt resistance
  • High resolution
  • Special 1064 nm versions are available

Series 6b: Blue/Green-Sensitive Photodiodes

Series 5b: High Speed Blue-Sensitive Photodiodes

Series 5t: High Speed Red-Sensitive Photodiodes

Series 5: High Speed NIR-Sensitive Photodiodes

Series 6: Photodiodes with Minimal Dark Current

Series 7: Fully Depletable IR Photodiodes

Series Q: Photodiodes For 1064 nm

Visit the First Sensor website for more information on each individual model and to download the datasheets.


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