Detect Ionizing Radiation: X Photodiode Series

Source: First Sensor AG
Detect Ionizing Radiation: X7 Photodiode Series

First Sensor’s X series of photodiodes is utilized to detect alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation either directly through the absorption in the crystal lattice or indirectly through the measurement of the luminescence radiation of a scintillation crystal. The series features optimized silicon PIN photodiodes that form wide, fully depleted space-charge regions to guarantee maximum radiation absorption, even at low reverse voltages.

The X photodiode series includes an ultra-flat chip-scale package (CSP) that is illuminated from the backside because it’s mounted on the carrier with the active area and electrical contacts facing down. This setup is what enables the previously mentioned scintillation crystal mounting. Additionally, multiple X photodiode elements can be assembled to create a larger linear or matrix array. These photodiodes are ideal for integration into container scanners, cargo scanners, baggage screeners, and other contact-free and non-destructive inspection and security systems.

Download the datasheet and the application note to learn more about the X Photodiode Series.