Flir Downloads

  1. High-Speed Science-Grade MWIR Camera: FLIR X8500sc Datasheet

    The X8500sc is a new high-sensitivity, high-speed MWIR camera for science and R&D applications. The camera features a cooled FLIR indium antimonide (InSb) detector with enough sensitivity to detect subtle temperature changes down to 20 mK. It also uses the FLIR DVIR, which saves up to 36 seconds of data to on-camera RAM without any dropped frames.

  2. Infrared Camera Thermal Bench Top Test Kits Brochure

    FLIR’s infrared camera thermal bench top test kits have been designed to replace thermocouples and IR thermometer guns for temperature measurement applications.

  3. HD MWIR Camera: A8300sc Datasheet

    The A8300sc is an MWIR camera designed to prevent image blurring when monitoring fast moving objects – something that uncooled thermal imaging cameras cannot do.

  4. HD MWIR Camera: A8200sc Datasheet

    The A8200sc is an MWIR camera designed to prevent image blurring when monitoring fast moving objects – something that uncooled thermal imaging cameras cannot do.

  5. Mid-Wave Infrared Thermal Camera: A6750sc Datasheet

    The A6750sc Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) camera is designed to stream temperature-calibrated data over Gigabit Ethernet to a PC for live image viewing and recording. Short exposure times and 640 x 512 resolution allows for freeze motion and accurate temperature measurements, making this camera ideal for high-speed thermal events and fast moving targets in electronics inspections, medical thermography, manufacturing monitoring, and non-destructive testing applications.

  6. Mid-Wave Infrared Thermal Camera: A6700sc Datasheet

    This datasheet includes information on features and specifications for FLIR’s A6700sc MWIR science-grade camera. This model is ideal for characterizing high speed thermal events and can achieve a multitude of fields of view through its extender rings.

  7. Longwave Infrared Thermal Camera: A6700SC SLS Datasheet

    The A6700SC SLS is an LWIR camera featuring a light weight, compact size, and 640 x 512 pixel resolution.

  8. InGaAs SWIR Camera: A6200sc Datasheet

    The A6200sc is a SWIR camera with high sensitivity and 640 x 512 pixel resolution. Download the datasheet to see if its other specifications meet your requirements for imaging in the 0.9 to 1.7µm range.

  9. High Speed MWIR Camera: FLIR SC6700 Datasheet

    FLIR’s SC6700 High Speed MWIR Scientific Camera combines high speed and high resolution with ease of use and flexibility for just about any scientific or research application.

  10. Thermal Imaging Cameras: FLIR X6570sc Datasheet

    The cameras in the FLIR X8000sc/X6000sc Series are ideal for scientists and professionals working on demanding R&D applications. The FLIR X6570sc has the ability to record up to 355 Hz using a 160 x 1 subwindow, and provides ultra-sensitive and accurate measurements, state-of-the-art connectivity, and ease of use to allow the concentration to be on the experiment and not the camera’s technicalities.