Featured Videos

  1. Balloon Explosion

    Video of a water balloon recorded by the Phantom v2640 at 17,000 fps

  2. Explosive v2640 Video

    Video of explosions filmed with the Phantom v2640 at 8,680 fps

  3. Video: Coming Together For The Holidays

    Vision Research wishes Happy Holidays to everyone with this Phantom VEO710S high-speed video.

  4. Iridian Spectral Technologies: The #1 Choice For OEM Manufacturers

    Iridian Spectral Technologies offers advanced thin film optical filter technology for telecom, spectroscopic instrumentation and lasers, as well as biophotonics, micro-optics, and aerospace applications.

  5. Product Video: Stabilized LED Light Sources For In Vitro Diagnostics

    At Photonics West 2018, Ralf Daferner of SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging introduced their stabilized LED light source for in vitro diagnostic systems. This extremely flexible light source provides no interruptions or downtimes, and offers very stable output over its lifetime. Check out the video for more information.

  6. Introducing Fiber And Diffuser Technologies For Laser Beam Delivery

    At Photonics West 2018, Jürgen Hammerschmidt of SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging introduced an array of fiber and diffuser technologies for laser beam delivery, especially for medical device applications. Watch the video for more information about their side emitting diffusers, end emitting diffusers, radial diffusers, and emitting fiber rods.

  7. Product Video: 5 Megapixel Global Shutter Sensor

    Mike Simmons of Canon USA Future Products And Solutions presents the new 5 megapixel global shutter sensor for a variety of applications, including factory automation, unmanned aerial vehicles, and automobile advanced driver-assistance (ADAS). Watch the video for more in-depth information.

  8. Product Video: High-Speed 2D Polarization

    Andrew Bridges introduced us to the CRYSTA. This system takes a conventional high-speed camera and adds an affixed micropolarizer array to a CMOS sensor. This gives it the ability to detect phase difference, which allows the operator to plot birefringence or retardation in transparent or semi-transparent materials. Watch the video to learn more about the system and to see it in action.

  9. Understanding Laser Induced Threshold (LIDT) For Laser Optics

    The process for finding the laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) for laser optics has become increasingly more complex with different considerations for determining measuring and testing laser optics, including the laser’s the wavelength, beam size, polarization, and angle of incidence.

  10. How New Technologies Enable New Applications For Linescan SWIR

    Raf Vandermissen of Xenics spoke to us at Photonics West 2018 about these innovative technologies that enable new applications for SWIR linescan detectors, including their new XLIN-FC.