CMOS Cameras News

  1. Xenics InGaAs SWIR Detector Is Part Of Proba-V Space Mission

    Xenics, Europe's leading developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared detector solutions, underlines its prime position in high-resolution line-scan detectors for demanding scientific and industrial applications.

  2. e2v Launches Colour Versions Of Its Market Leading ELiiXA+ Line Scan Cameras

    e2v, a leading global provider of high performance imaging solutions, has launched colour versions of its market leading ELiiXA+ line scan cameras.

  3. Hamamatsu Introduces The Versatile ORCA-Flash4.0 V2 sCMOS Camera

    Hamamatsu Photonics has released the ORCA-Flash4.0 V2, a 4-megapixel scientific CMOS camera that offers unrivaled flexibility across a wide range of microscopy applications.

  4. Imec First To Introduce Hyperspectral CMOS Camera For Snapshot And Video

    At SPIE Photonics West 2013, imec presents a prototype hyperspectral imager for snapshot and video acquisition. Being fast, compact and cost-efficient, imec’s CMOS-based imaging systems with integrated hyperspectral filters are suited for multiple industrial vision applications.

  5. PHOTONIS Introduces Digital Extreme Low-Light CMOS Camera

    PHOTONIS USA, the world-leading expert in night vision innovation, introduces NOCTURN, a brand new digital extreme low-light CMOS camera. The NOCTURN camera is especially designed for high performance under both daylight and low-light-level conditions.

  6. JAI Introduces New Leading-Edge Industrial CMOS And CCD Cameras

    At Vision 2012 in Stuttgart, the JAI Group introduced a new line of leading edge industrial CMOS cameras, as well as the first model in a new series of high fidelity CCD cameras.

  7. Toshiba Imaging Announces New IK-TF Series – High Resolution, Progressive Scan Cameras

    Toshiba Imaging, a leading manufacturer of ultra-compact high definition (HD) and high resolution CCD and CMOS video cameras, introduces the new IK-TF series of progressive scan cameras for color area scan machine vision applications.

  8. Andor Neo sCMOS Cameras At Core Of Light Sheet Microscopy

    Laboratories in Europe and the USA have independently announced in the same issue of Nature Methods the development of new microscopes capable of imaging rapid biological processes in thick samples in unprecedented detail and ideally suited to the long-term study of live biological specimens.

  9. IDS Launches Compact, Industrial-Grade Machine Vision Camera With USB 2.0

    IDS Imaging Development Systems, a global leader in medical and machine vision, is introducing a cost-efficient, compact USB 2.0 camera optimized for metal processing, robotics, electrical and medical engineering vision systems.

  10. Raptor Photonics Hosts Inaugural Distributor Conference For Its Range Of Scientific Cameras

    Raptor Photonics hosted its inaugural Distributors Conference in Larne, Northern Ireland on 4-6 September 2012. 15 representatives from all over the World including Russia, China, South Korea and USA attended the two day event.