Articles by Jof Enriquez

  1. Researchers Produce First On-Chip Microwave Laser For Quantum Computers

    Researchers at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and its quantum research institute, QuTech, have demonstrated a first-of-its-kind on-chip microwave laser produced from a Josephson junction embedded in a superconducting microwave cavity.

  2. Physicists Entangle Single Photon With A Trillion Rubidium Atoms

    Scientists at the Quantum Memories Laboratory at the University of Warsaw have demonstrated multidimensional entanglement of a group of about one trillion atoms and a single photon. The entangled state allows enhanced storage of quantum memory and faster quantum information processing.

  3. Corrective Quartz Lens Achieves Unparalleled X-Ray Laser Focus

    Scientists report that custom-manufactured corrective quartz glasses fitted to a standard lens can focus X-ray beams to an unparalleled concentration, approaching the theoretical limit.

  4. Holographic Laser Enhances Nanophotonic Devices

    A new method to tune nanocavities using digital holography enables the researchers to program photonic circuits by switching them into and out of resonance.

  5. Optical Fiber Provides Real-Time Anticoagulation Monitoring

    Using fiber optics, University of Central Florida (UCF) researchers have developed a technique to monitor, in real time, the formation of dangerous blood clots during cardiovascular procedures.

  6. German Researchers Guide Light Along Coreless Photonic Crystal Fibers

    Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL) in Erlangen, Germany are the first to successfully guide light through a coreless photonic crystal fiber (PCF).

  7. A Fish-Inspired Photonics Solution To The Spectrum Crunch

    A University of Georgia researcher is turning to nature and the science of photonics to help solve the lack of sufficient wireless frequency spectrum needed to support the booming number of interconnected devices today.

  8. Perovskite Nickelate Photodetector Powers Itself

    Researchers have developed a new kind of photodetector that utilizes its built-in semiconducting heterojunction to power itself, rather than rely on external voltage, as typical photodetectors do.


  9. World's First Flat Lens Focusing On Continual Bandwidth Of Colors

    Harvard engineers have built the first achromatic metalens (AML) that operates over a continual bandwidth of colors, from blue to green, through a technique called dispersion engineering and via an ultra thin array of nanopillars.

  10. British, Czech Scientists Fire World's Most Powerful Superlaser

    Scientists at Britain's Central Laser Facility (CLF) and HiLASE (High average power pulsed laser), a Czech state research and development center, claim to have built and tested the world's highest powered "super laser," more than ten times as powerful as similar lasers.