Laser News

  1. Strategy Analytics: Lasers Shine For Directed Energy Systems

    Technology limitations currently limit laser power output, but work in the US andEurope is progressing to the point where laser-based weapons have demonstrated their viability as the underpinnings of directed energy systems.

  2. Spectra-Physics Announces Unprecedented >45 W UV Laser

    Spectra-Physics, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces Quasar 355-45, a breakthrough UV laser that delivers a record-breaking >45W (225 µJ) at exceptionally high repetition rates.

  3. DILAS - The COMPACT EVOLUTION Diode Laser System

    DILAS, the diode laser company, announces recently the next generation easy-to-integrate, compact,  fiber-coupled, CW diode laser system; the COMPACT EVOLUTION. 

  4. OSI Laser Diode Introduces Dual- And Triple-Wavelength Fiber-Coupled Lasers

    OSI Laser Diode, Inc. (LDI), an OSI Systems Company, introduces two unique fiber-coupled lasers for optical test instruments available in compact, dual-wavelength (MCW) or triple-wavelength (TCW) packages.

  5. NP Photonics To Introduce Mid-IR Supercontinuum Laser At LASER World Of PHOTONICS 2013

    NP Photonics, Inc., a leading manufacturer offiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and specialty optical fiber, today announced that it will introduce a mid-infrared (IR) supercontinuum fiber laser, called the SpectraChrome™ laser, at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2013 from May 13-16, in Munich, Germany. The SpectraChrome laser is the first laser source to be launched from the company's new family of mid-infrared products.

  6. Laser Instead Of Drill

    If the brain starts to swell after a stroke, surgery is often the only treatment option – one in which the physicians open the patient’s cranial vault. Up to now, they would reach for the drill and the saw. Soon, a laser beam will cut the bone and lower the risk.

  7. Spectra-Physics Announces Expansion Of Compact Lasers Portfolio For Bioinstrumentation

    Spectra-Physics, a Newport Corporation brand, announces the expansion of the Excelsior One continuous wave (CW) lasers series.

  8. Laser Welding As An Engine Of Innovation

    Lasers have long been able to do what traditional welding guns can. Nevertheless, many manufacturers did not dare employ the delicate technology in the raw environment of their assembly floors.

  9. Germanium Made Laser Compatible

    Good news for the computer industry: a team of researchers has managed to make germanium suitable for lasers. This could enable microprocessor components to communicate using light in future, which will make the computers of the future faster and more efficient.

  10. LASER World Of PHOTONICS 2013: Revealing Advantages And Applications Of Ultrashort Pulsed Lasers

    Technological advances in picosecond and sub-picosecond lasers are opening the possibility of machining materials previously thought to be too hard or too brittle for processing by the current generation of lasers.