Technical Articles

  1. Greater Detail In Aerial Mapping With Canon CMOS Sensors

    Canon’s new line of CMOS sensors delivers innovative performance for greater mapping capabilities.

  2. Enable More Effective Intelligent Transportation With CMOS Sensors

    To improve mobility, sustainability, and productivity, Canon CMOS sensors with pixel-level innovations in sensor design deliver unparalleled imaging performance for effective, reliable intelligent transportation solutions.

  3. Protect Public Health With High-Quality Food And Beverage Imaging Inspections

    Canon CMOS Sensors offer new capabilities for innovative imaging solutions for the food and beverage industries.

  4. Quality Imaging And Accuracy For Document Scanning And Archiving

    CMOS sensors from Canon deliver the high image quality needed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of document scanners for inspection and archiving.

  5. Enhance Defense And Protection With Rugged Vision Systems

    Canon CMOS sensors offer unique performance for next-generation defense solutions.

  6. Enable Innovation For Industrial Camera OEMs

    Canon CMOS sensors put innovation within reach, enabling industrial camera OEMs to take on the tough application challenges of end users and realize their cutting-edge products.

  7. Achieve Faster Automotive Production With High-Quality Imaging Inspections

    Featuring ultra-high pixel counts, large pixel sizes, compact designs, and global shutters, Canon’s new line of CMOS sensors for automotive applications offer opportunities for your innovations.

  8. Explore The Universe With Powerful CMOS Sensors

    Canon CMOS Sensors give astronomers the high-performance imaging capabilities they need to explore more of the universe.

  9. Why Choose Canon Industrial Sensors?

    CMOS sensors from Canon feature proprietary innovations at the pixel-level that translate into industry-leading performance in advanced industrial, medical, and scientific applications.

  10. Ultrafast Laser Optics: Balancing Costs With Successful Outcomes

    Maintaining high operational value while minimizing system costs is a constant challenge in the technology industry. This is particularly true for advanced research and manufacturing systems that employ laser light for purposes such as analysis, sensing and fabrication. This white paper explores the “false economy” provided by lower quality, lower cost optic components and its impact on the ultimate success or failure of research experiments and other ultrafast laser applications.