Technical Articles

  1. A Q&A With SPIE CEO Dr. Kent Rochford

    Dr. Kent Rochford became SPIE’s new CEO earlier this summer, following the retirement of Dr. Eugene Arthurs, who stepped down in June. Recently, Dr. Rochford graciously made time to discuss his vision for SPIE initiatives already underway, as well as those the future may hold.

  2. Temperature Guns Versus Thermal Imaging Technology

    Common tools for non-contact temperature measurements include both thermal imaging cameras and spot pyrometers. Each works by detecting infrared radiation and translating it into temperature readings. Thermal cameras however, have several advantages compared to spot pyrometers, including image generation, temperature readings of each pixel of the entire image, and temperature readings from a longer distance.

  3. Infrared Camera Accuracy And Uncertainty In Plain Language

    Trusting measurements from instruments can be difficult without a clear understanding of how the sensitivity and accuracy is derived. Many times, infrared camera measurement accuracy is confusing and can involve complex terms and jargon that may be misleading. 

  4. Electronic Component Testing: A Non-Contact Sport

    The smaller and more powerful an electronic device becomes, the more damage can be caused from its inherent heat. Designers are continuously looking for ways to keep components cool while maintaining the quality and integrity of performance.

  5. Understanding Fluorescence Imaging

    Many modern biological and biomedical research applications rely in part on fluorescence imaging to understand cellular structures and events. This application note details the techniques involved in fluorescence imaging, as well as possible imaging considerations, providing a point of reference for quantitating data obtained from images or movies.

  6. Guide To Glass

    Abrisa Technologies’ "Guide to Glass" provides information about the types of glass and their associated thermal, optical, chemical, mechanical, and electrical properties. This download also helps the reader better understand light and color; glare reduction; and glass strengthening methods using heat and chemicals.

  7. A LiDAR Designer’s Guide To Sensor Technologies For Automotive/Mobility Systems

    How design engineers for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of LiDAR systems can choose between differing sensor technologies.

  8. New High-Speed Lighting Technique Illuminates ‘Ride Of The Valkyries’ In Marvel Blockbuster

    Using a Phantom camera and custom lighting rig, one creative studio found a way to move light at eight times the speed of sound – a new lighting technique for high-speed imaging that gained critical acclaim in Thor: Ragnarok.

  9. Phantom High-Speed Camera Goes Where No Welding Camera Has Gone Before

    One Brazil-based R&D company is using high-speed imaging to observe and improve arc welding processes—a field of research that has vast implications for oil companies.

  10. A High-Speed Look At Downhole Oil Well Cleaning

    With the ability to record up to 1,000,000 fps, Vision Research’s Phantom v2511 high-speed camera helped Olson Technologies see how their Plasma Blaster unclogs underground oil wells.