Technical Articles

  1. Ultrafast Laser Optics: Balancing Costs With Successful Outcomes

    Maintaining high operational value while minimizing system costs is a constant challenge in the technology industry. This is particularly true for advanced research and manufacturing systems that employ laser light for purposes such as analysis, sensing and fabrication. This white paper explores the “false economy” provided by lower quality, lower cost optic components and its impact on the ultimate success or failure of research experiments and other ultrafast laser applications.

  2. Understanding Antireflection Nano-Texture Surface Optics

    A nanostructure pattern is created on the surface of high purity fused silica plano-convex lenses to produce an antireflection effect. Because this manufacturing process uses no thin films materials, the lens has a very high damage threshold limit. This paper talks about the different types of antireflection nano-texture products and what they offer in each application.

  3. Using A Prism Compressor For Ultrashort Laser Pulses

    This white paper describes in detail the effect of dispersion on ultrashort pulses, and an experiment using prism compressor for dispersion compensation in ultrashort laser pulses.

  4. Remote Sensing With LiDAR Requires Optical Filter Trade-Offs

    Engineers and designers working on LiDAR applications should consider critical filter issues early on.

  5. Understanding VCSEL Measurement Solutions

    Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) are a type of semiconductor laser diode. This article discusses VCSEL measurement solutions and how Ophir equipment can be used to get reliable power and beam profile data on VCSELs.

  6. Robots, Lasers, And Artificial Intelligence Join Forces Undersea

    Subsea robots, lasers, and artificial intelligence have been combined into one dynamic solution that will change the methods of working underwater. The SeaVision® subsea 3D laser imaging system is used to perform high-resolution RGB laser line scanning. 

  7. Process Metrology Helps Ensure Quality Of Smartphone Camera Lenses

    ZYGO's Compass ™ micro lens metrology system helps manufacturers verify lens quality and refine their manufacturing processes.

  8. Using Grazing Incidence Interferometry To Measure Large Or Non-Specular Surfaces

    This article informs the reader on grazing incidence interferometry; a relatively simple technique that is useful for large or non-specular metrology.

  9. On The Road To Self-Driving Cars

    Vehicle-environment sensor technology will play a major role in the next step of autonomous vehicle technology. This article offers in-depth information on the many types of sensor technologies used in self-driving cars and where they are headed in the future.

  10. Finished Infrared Optics White Paper

    PG&O finished infrared (IR) optics are designed for a wide range of applications, including biomedical, industrial, military/defense, homeland security, surveillance systems, automotive, fire control, lasers, night vision, and more. These new optics operate from 0.75 µm, the near-infrared (NIR), out to 15 µm, the longwave-infrared (LWIR) spectrum.