Newsletter | September 19, 2023

09.19.23 -- The Benefits Of Air Bearings For Optics, Photonics, And Aerospace

Motorized Rotary Air Bearing Stages In Synchrotron Crystallography

PI's air bearing group built a 300-mm diameter rotary table with air bearings for a synchrotron beamline test facility focused on macromolecular crystallography.


Air Bearings Are Critical In CMM And Metrology Applications

Air bearings are essential for precise metrology equipment, such as coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), due to their frictionless and stable nature.


Using Spherical Air Bearings In Satellite Testing

Air bearings simulate zero-g, enabling satellite control systems to function in space-like conditions. This eliminates costly and time-consuming testing such as traditional drop testing.


Transforming SiP Device Production With Modular Photonics Alignment

Silicon photonics is increasingly relied upon for processing, storing and transmitting higher volumes of data at faster speeds. This poses challenges for testing and packaging, requiring precise alignment of fiber optic devices in high-throughput production environments.



Low Profile Z Tip/Tilt Stage For Inspection And MicroLED Manufacturing

The A-523 is a high-precision air bearing Z tip/tilt stage with direct drive for applications including wafer inspection, fiber positioning, optics positioning, flat screen inspection, maskless lithography, and ultra-LED manufacturing.

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