Pulsed Laser Diodes At 1550 nm

Pulsed Laser Diodes At 1550 nm

LASER COMPONENTS designs and produces PLDs at 1550 nm with high power levels up to 50 W. This wavelength cannot be detected by common night-vision goggles, making the PLDs ideal for military laser rangefinder and friend/foe identification applications.

The 1550 PLDs are manufactured with a base material of InP and additional InGaAsP layers that ensure high reliability, excellent beam characteristics, and outstanding temperature stability. These “eye-safe” PLDs have a wide operating temperature range of –45°C to +85°C, and are housed in a TO-18 can. Packages are also available in 9 mm sizes or custom designs by request.

To learn more about the different series of pulsed laser diodes at 1550 nm, download the available datasheets and catalog.

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