LASER COMPONENTS USA is a trusted sales organization providing cutting-edge photonic components to a wide variety of markets.  

We specialize in a wide range of photonics applications with avalanche photodiodes and modules (Si and InGaAs), IR detectors (InGaAs, PbS, PbSe, pyroelectric), photon counting modules, laser diodes and modules (at different wavelengths and power), pulsed laser diodes (905 and 1550 nm), laser diode drivers, laser optics (standard or custom dielectric coated) and polarizers.

We have been serving customers over 15 years in North America with products from our manufacturing sites in Germany, Canada and the US, as well as from well-selected international suppliers.

Our Core Competencies:

  • Providing trusted advice
  • Offering a wide product range
  • Building long-term partnerships
  • Manufacturing and distributing premium components

ITAR Compliant:
LASER COMPONENTS USA is ITAR registered and compliant according to the United States of America, Department of State. Laser Components USA and Laser Components GmbH in Germany have a Manufacturing License Agreement (MLA) that is approved by the United States of America, Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) for the controlled export of ITAR optics specifications for the purpose of manufacturing ITAR laser optics in Germany that may be used specifically in USA military components.


  • Industrial Diode Laser Modules: LuOcean P2
    Industrial Diode Laser Modules: LuOcean P2

    LASER COMONENTS’ LuOcean P2 series is composed of lasers designed for industrial use, featuring an optical output power of 20-170 W in pumping, illumination, and medical treatment applications. The ready-to-use diode laser systems stand out with low operating currents, precise optical power control, simple driver design, and high lifetime lengths.

  • Laser Diode Accessories: LDP-CW Series
    Laser Diode Accessories: LDP-CW Series

    LASER COMPONETS offers a number of different drive electronics for simple operation of all types of high power laser diodes. The LDP-CW series enables operation with a different power level and a pulse width of from CW to 1 μs. The combination of an HP laser diode and driver module is used in medical technology, process engineering and testing technology, material processing, and printing technology.

  • High Transmission colorPol® S Patterned Polarizers
    High Transmission colorPol® S Patterned Polarizers

    Polarizers are used in a wide range of optical devices to filter or block polarized light for modulating or reducing brightness, analyzing light, polarizing light, and more. The colorPol® S is a nano-particle optical glass sheet polarizer designed with a unique capability to produce patterned polarizers with different spectral characteristics and different directions of polarization. They are capable of achieving high contrast and high transmission for the UV, VIS, NIR, and mid-IR ranges with a wide acceptance angle of ±20°.

  • Infrared (IR) Laser Components Catalog
    Infrared (IR) Laser Components Catalog

    Laser Components USA offers an array of infrared (IR) detectors and emitters used for many different applications including flame detection, gas monitoring, medical gas analysis, protein measurement, the inspection of surfaces, and other laser power monitoring applications. These components range from InGaAs PIN photodiodes and line array sensors, to PbS-/PbSe- detectors and pyroelectric detectors, as well as IR emitters, modules, and filters. Laser Components has also developed an IR Application Development Kit for quick and easy evaluation of their products. This will make it easier to select the right detector for each specific application.

  • PbS And PbSe IR Detectors
    PbS And PbSe IR Detectors

    LASER COMPONENTS offers PbS and PbSe infrared (IR) detectors for applications detecting infrared radiation. The Polycrystalline lead sulfide detectors (PbS) detect infrared radiation in the wavelength range between 1 µm and 3.3 µm, and exhibit a higher sensitivity then Polycrystalline lead selenide (PbSe). The PbSe standard semiconductor detectors are designed to detect IR radiation between the 1 µm and 5.2 µm wavelength ranges.

  • Infrared (IR) Arrays For NIR Spectroscopy
    Infrared (IR) Arrays For NIR Spectroscopy

    LASER COMPONENTS offers a series of powerful IR arrays designed specifically for IR spectroscopy applications such as biomedical analysis. The IG22 array series consists of 256 rectangular pixels made of extended InGaAs with a TE2 cooler, and is manufactured with an element size of 30 µm x 250 µm, and a pitch of 50 µm.

  • Pyroelectric DLaTGS Detectors
    Pyroelectric DLaTGS Detectors

    LASER COMPONENTS offers Deuterated Lanthanum α Alanine doped TriGlycine Sulphate (DLaTGS) detectors that are ideally suited for FTIR applications. Designed with the highest possible performance and the most effective pyroelectric effects, these detectors can be produced with any configuration, including VM configurations and CM configurations.

  • Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes
    Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes

    The Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes (Si APDs) from LASER COMPONENTS are designed for operation in the wavelength range between 250 nm and 1100 nm. These Si APDs are ideal for the detection of extremely weak light intensities due to the avalanche effect on them.

  • Pulsed Laser Diodes At 905 nm
    Pulsed Laser Diodes At 905 nm

    LASER COMPONENTS designs and produces high power pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) at 905 nm with high reliability, and high temperature stability. Applications for these laser diodes include range finding, speed monitoring, laser radars, security scanners, and laser light curtains, as well as in test and measurement systems.

  • Pulsed Laser Diodes At 1550 nm
    Pulsed Laser Diodes At 1550 nm

    LASER COMPONENTS designs and produces pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) at 1550 nm with high power levels up to 50 W. This wavelength cannot be detected by common night-vision goggles, making the PLDs ideal for multi-junction pulsed laser diodes within military laser rangefinder and friend/foe identification applications.

  • Coated Laser Optics
    Coated Laser Optics

    LASER COMPONENTS is experienced in designing and manufacturing dielectric coatings for a wide range of laser optics applications. The laser optics provided by LASER COMPONENTS are mostly OEM products that meet the individual customer's specifications; the products include substrates and dielectric coatings. The company currently uses E-beam technology (also known as physical vapor deposition (PVD)), ion-assisted deposition (IAD), and ion beam sputtering (IBS) coating processes to create their optics components.


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  • Understanding Noise In Pyroelectric IR Detectors
    Understanding Noise In Pyroelectric IR Detectors

    Pyroelectric detectors are used in many types of IR detection applications where the key to the performance is the signal-to-noise ratio of the sensing element or detector. Since pyroelectric detectors are high output thermal devices, the noise output is typically the limiting item to their performance. This application note discusses the various sources of noise in these devices and how it can affect the performance in each application.

  • Understanding Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes
    Understanding Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes

    LASER COMPONENTS looks to provide background information on the multiplication process in Silicon used in the materials for fabrication of PIN and Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) for visible and near IR applications. This application note presents approaches to designing APDs, as well as other helpful information on the use of APDs.

  • How Quantum Cryptography Works
    How Quantum Cryptography Works

    With ever increasing importance in data exchange and data security, cryptography, or the encoding of a message, becomes essential. A key must also be exchanged in order for the message to be decrypted. In order to protect the key exchange from being intercepted, quantum cryptography must be utilized.


  • Five New Bandpass Filters For Pyroelectric Detectors
    Five New Bandpass Filters For Pyroelectric Detectors

    LASER COMPONENTS introduces five new bandpass filters for pyroelectric detectors, increasing the number of standard filters available to an outstanding seventeen versions. The new filters include reference filters (B) and filters for the detection of CO2 (A), water vapor (M), methane (S), and alcohol (O), and are either mounted directly inside the fixed cap of the detector or available as a separate cap, which is then mounted to an existing pyroelectric detector.

  • LASER COMPONENTS Further Diversifies Laser Module Portfolio With True Pattern Projection
    LASER COMPONENTS Further Diversifies Laser Module Portfolio With True Pattern Projection

    At Automate 2017, LASER COMPONENTS will introduce its first laser module that projects a randomly ordered point cloud of 33,000 individual dots for rapid 3D measurement tasks. More on display are the proprietary FLEXPOINT® laser modules and CODIXX colorPol® polarizers covering metrology, alignment, and positioning applications. The FLEXPOINT® MV series are well-known for its flexibility in various wavelengths, output power, and beam patterns. LASER COMPONENTS exhibits booth 2661.

  • High-Power Laser Mirrors Reflect Three Wavelengths
    High-Power Laser Mirrors Reflect Three Wavelengths

    LASER COMPONENTS developed a new coating process for so-called triple mirrors that makes it possible to apply this complex layer design in one pass. Coatings for three wavelengths used to have to be manufactured in two passes. The new method not only results in higher specifications, but it also has the additional advantage of a shorter duration of production.

  • Pyroelectric Detectors Made of LiTaO3
    Pyroelectric Detectors Made of LiTaO3

    LASER COMPONENTS Pyro Group presents a standard portfolio of pyroelectric detectors that use LiTaO3 as active material. Those detectors are popular for industrial applications and available for quick delivery.

  • Laser Components Extends Proprietary FLEXPOINT® MV Series With Proven Fiber-Coupled Technology

    The MVfiber laser module drives machine vision systems to new heights. The single-mode fiber reduces scattered laser light and prevents side modes, which results in precise laser projection in 3D measurements, biophotonics and medical applications.

  • PbSe Detectors Featuring Four Channels
    PbSe Detectors Featuring Four Channels

    LASER COMPONENTS now also manufactures lead selenide (PbSe) detectors with four channels. The quad version is an attractive alternative for gas measurement applications when a higher D* value or higher speed is desired.

  • Components Used To Measure Speed
    Components Used To Measure Speed

    With the 905 series, LASER COMPONENTS Canada produces diodes with a peak power of up to 650 W. For distance and speed measurements in sports applications, we have low-cost versions available with an output of a few tens of watts, which is completely sufficient. PLDs are used in combination with Si PIN or Si avalanche photodiodes.

  • Coated Lasers Optics Up To A Diameter Of 390 mm
    Coated Lasers Optics Up To A Diameter Of 390 mm

    LASER COMPONENTS has recently installed a coater for PIAD coatings (plasma ion-assisted deposition). Using an advanced plasma source (APS), very homogeneous and compact layers up to a diameter of 390 mm can be created.

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