LASER COMPONENTS USA is a trusted sales organization providing cutting-edge photonic components to a wide variety of markets.  

We specialize in a wide range of photonics applications with avalanche photodiodes and modules (Si and InGaAs), IR detectors (InGaAs, PbS, PbSe, pyroelectric), photon counting modules, laser diodes and modules (at different wavelengths and power), pulsed laser diodes (905 and 1550 nm), laser diode drivers, laser optics (standard or custom dielectric coated) and polarizers.

We have been serving customers over 15 years in North America with products from our manufacturing sites in Germany, Canada and the US, as well as from well-selected international suppliers.

Our Core Competencies:

  • Providing trusted advice
  • Offering a wide product range
  • Building long-term partnerships
  • Manufacturing and distributing premium components

ITAR Compliant:
LASER COMPONENTS USA is ITAR registered and compliant according to the United States of America, Department of State. Laser Components USA and Laser Components GmbH in Germany have a Manufacturing License Agreement (MLA) that is approved by the United States of America, Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) for the controlled export of ITAR optics specifications for the purpose of manufacturing ITAR laser optics in Germany that may be used specifically in USA military components.


  • LETO Phase LCOS Spatial Light Modulators

    The LETO phase modulator models are based on reflective LCOS microdisplays with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and 6.4 μm pixel pitch. The LETO phase only spatial light modulator devices can be used like an external monitor using the standard HDMI interface of the graphics card. No additional software or special hardware is needed to operate the SLM.

  • Powell Lenses

    Powell lenses are laser line generators that shape a laser beam into a straight line with uniform power distribution. They can be found in machine vision lasers and sensors for 3D triangulation.

  • Compact SLM Platforms For Small And Portable Solutions

    Spatial Light Modulator is the most compact SLM.

  • Trichroid Thin-Film Polarizer For Separating Polarization Of Three Wavelengths Simultaneously

    LASER COMPONENTS has developed a new optics layer design that has the ability to separate the polarizations of three wavelengths simultaneously. These new trichroid thin-film polarizers can be used to combine linearly polarized laser beams from several sources, even if they have the same or different wavelengths.

  • MVpulse: An Eye on Safety - Laser Protection Class 2 Eye Safety And High Energy Output In One Laser

    FLEXPOINT MVpulse laser module combines two criteria of machine vision: Bright light with output powers up to 100 mW and class 2 eye safety. High output and high contrast images allow for detailed processing. Bright light only needs to be available when the camera takes an image. The electronics match acquisition frequency and illumination pulses to each other, enable high output powers without the use of complex protective measures.

  • High Power VCSEL Laser Diodes

    Laser Components offers a variety of high-power, surface-emitting VCSEL laser diodes with high-reliability and beam quality. They are used for a number of industrial and consumer applications.

  • Pyroelectric DLaTGS Detectors

    Laser Components offer pyroelectric detectors designed to create an electric signal due to temperature changes in the chip. Deuterated Lanthanum α Alanine doped TriGlycine Sulphate (DLaTGS) detectors specifically exhibit the most effective pyroelectric effect known. Although there are many other possible uses, the major application for these detectors is FTIR spectroscopy.

  • HOLOEYE’s PLUTO-2: The Complete Spatial Light Modulator (SLM)

    Spatial Light Modulators (SLM) are used as adaptive optical elements that modulates light spatially in amplitude or phase. Laser Components offers these devices based on either reflective (LCOS) or translucent (LCD) liquid crystal microdisplays.

  • Spatial Light Modulators (SLM)

    LASER COMPONENTS delivers Spatial Light Modulators (SLM) as adaptive optical elements that modulate light spatially in amplitude or phase. The available devices are based on either reflective (LCOS) or translucent (LCD) liquid crystal microdisplays.

  • Laser White Light Sources

    LASER COMPONENTS delivers the LaserLight SMD as the world’s first high luminance, laser white light emitter in a compact 7 mm SMD package. The light emitter offers unique performance in low divergence and waveguide delivery for medical, biomedical, machine vision, and specialty illumination applications.

  • Differential Pyroelectric Detectors

    Laser Components offers the LD21xx series of differential pyroelectric detectors with crystal generating positive and negative charge carriers amplified separately on opposing sides. Due to the separate amplification, the signals add up linearly. The noise components only add up statistically, therefore creating a net gain in the signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Laser White Light Modules

    Laser white light offers unique performance properties in low divergence and waveguide delivery for medical, biomedical, machine vision, and specialty illumination applications. Laser Components’ ALBALUX FM is a white light fiber-coupled module designed to produce highly directional, brilliant white light, enabling long throw distances, narrow beam angles, and small optic sizes.

  • Flash LiDAR Sensor: SPAD2L192

    Laser Components offers the 192 x 2 pixel solid-state CMOS sensor designed with Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs) to reach amplification of 108 for a time with high count rates and low noise. This highly sensitive, advanced sensor is used in Flash LiDAR systems, industrial robots, and surveillance technology.

  • FLEXPOINT® Machine Vision Lasers

    LASER COMPONENTS designs and manufactures FLEXPOINT® MVsquare laser modules to fulfill specific requirements in industrial image processing applications. Thanks to its rectangular housing (L x W x H: 65 x 15 x 15 mm), this square module solution is specifically designed for fast and simple assembly in series production.

  • QuickSwitch® Pulsed Laser Diodes

    Laser Components offers unique 905 mm pulsed laser diodes designed to generate the shortest pulse duration in the world for these types of devices. They are ideal for fast and reliable laser-based distance measurement applications (LiDAR) and scanners for security and aerospace use.

  • FLEXPOINT Machine Vision Lasers: MV Series

    LASER COMPONENTS designs and manufactures laser modules to fulfill specific requirements in industrial image processing applications -- a range of line lasers with a homogeneous power distribution generally used in metrology, as well as high power lasers and special housing units. 

  • FLEXPOINT Machine Vision Lasers: MVstereo

    A prerequisite for 3-D stereo image processing requires the clear allocation of pixels in both camera images and in an image comparison. However, this is only possible on clearly textured surfaces, making it nearly impossible to clearly allocate monochrome surfaces with little or repetitive texture. Markers, or random patterns on the surface, are needed for assistance in the measuring process. LASER COMPONENTS now offers the FLEXPOINT MVstereo, a random pattern projector with 33,000 dots for 3-D stereo image processing.

  • Silicon Avalanche Photodiode (APD) Arrays

    LASER COMPONENTS offers Silicon Avalanche Photodiode (Si APD) Arrays for applications in LIDAR and ACC within the 800 to 900 nm wavelength range. The SAH series of Si APD arrays are typically used in Time-of-Flight (TOF) sensors for distance measurements, such as in automotive sensing applications.

  • Laser Diode Accessories: LDP-CW Series

    LASER COMPONETS offers a number of different drive electronics for simple operation of all types of high power laser diodes. The LDP-CW series enables operation with a different power level and a pulse width of from CW to 1 μs. The combination of an HP laser diode and driver module is used in medical technology, process engineering and testing technology, material processing, and printing technology.

  • colorPol® High Transmission Polarizers

    Nano-Particle Glass Polarizers achieve high contrast and high transmission for the UV, VIS, NIR, and Mid-IR ranges with a wide acceptance angle of ±20°. The prolate silver nano-particles are embedded inside the glass which results in high durability, wide temperature range, and easy cleaning.

  • Infrared (IR) Laser Components Catalog

    Laser Components USA offers an array of infrared (IR) detectors and emitters used for many different applications including flame detection, gas monitoring, medical gas analysis, protein measurement, the inspection of surfaces, and other laser power monitoring applications. 

  • PbS And PbSe IR Detectors

    LASER COMPONENTS offers PbS and PbSe infrared (IR) detectors for applications detecting infrared radiation. The Polycrystalline lead sulfide detectors (PbS) detect infrared radiation in the wavelength range between 1 µm and 3.3 µm, and exhibit a higher sensitivity then Polycrystalline lead selenide (PbSe). The PbSe standard semiconductor detectors are designed to detect IR radiation between the 1 µm and 5.2 µm wavelength ranges.

  • Infrared (IR) Arrays For NIR Spectroscopy

    The IG22 array series consists of 256 rectangular pixels made of extended InGaAs with a TE2 cooler, and is manufactured with an element size of 30 µm x 250 µm, and a pitch of 50 µm.

  • Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes

    The Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes (Si APDs) from LASER COMPONENTS are designed for operation in the wavelength range between 250 nm and 1100 nm. These Si APDs are ideal for the detection of extremely weak light intensities due to the avalanche effect on them.

  • Pulsed Laser Diodes At 905 nm

    LASER COMPONENTS designs and produces high power pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) at 905 nm with high reliability, and high temperature stability. Applications for these laser diodes include range finding, speed monitoring, laser radars, security scanners, and laser light curtains, as well as in test and measurement systems.

  • Pulsed Laser Diodes At 1550 nm

    LASER COMPONENTS designs and produces PLDs at 1550 nm with high power levels up to 50 W. This wavelength cannot be detected by common night-vision goggles, making the PLDs ideal for military laser rangefinder and friend/foe identification applications.

  • Coated Laser Optics

    LASER COMPONENTS designs and manufactures dielectric coatings for a wide range of laser optics applications. The laser optics provided by LASER COMPONENTS are mostly OEM products that meet the individual customer's specifications; the products include substrates and dielectric coatings. 


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  • Technical development is currently advancing rapidly, and it is difficult to keep up with current market developments. This article provides an overview and a practical decision-making aide to support the search for a suitable UV LED.

  • VCSEL sensors can act as a combination of an LED and an edge-emitting laser (EEL). Other advantages of VCSEL-based optoelectronic components include packaging convenience performance, providing more information than LED-based sensors, and delivering an order of magnitude lower than LEDs.

  • High-power lasers can only be as strong as their optical components allow. Thus, the further development of laser technology depends crucially on the development of complex coating systems with a high damage threshold.

  • UVC light has been used extensively for more than 40 years against a whole suite of human pathogens. All bacteria and viruses over hundreds of years that have been tested, including other coronaviruses, respond to UV disinfection. 

  • To help fight against COVID-19 and its impact worldwide, LASER COMPNENTS has taken time to speak with UVC disinfection experts on the front lines about how this technology works.

  • UVC is high-energy, short-wave radiation with a wavelength range between 100 and 300 nm. It is absorbed by RNA strands of the corona pathogen SARS-Cov-2 and causes their nucleotide sequences to clump together, preventing the cells from reproducing or killing them.

  • Even though vehicles have their advantages, vehicular air pollution affects air quality in both metropolitan and small-town areas all around the world. This article discusses the efforts to lower air pollution, and how spectroscopy helps in these processes.

  • Lasers and laser line modules offer measurement capabilities that can catch misalignment, reduce time in finding problems with production, and make gap measurements in a large variety of automobile and aircraft manufacturing applications.

  • Subsea robots, lasers, and artificial intelligence have been combined into one dynamic solution that will change the methods of working underwater. The SeaVision® subsea 3D laser imaging system is used to perform high-resolution RGB laser line scanning. 

  • Vehicle-environment sensor technology will play a major role in the next step of autonomous vehicle technology. This article offers in-depth information on the many types of sensor technologies used in self-driving cars and where they are headed in the future.

  • Pyroelectric detectors are thermal detectors that use temperature fluctuations to create a charge change on the surface of pyroelectric crystals, which produces a corresponding electrical signal. This application note discusses the materials used for their fabrication, how they operate, and their ideal applications.

  • Applications for edge-emitting pulsed laser diodes often require device operation with narrow pulse widths. These conditions may ensure eye-safe system certification or precision in distance measurement systems. This application note examines the challenges and solutions of generating short pulses with pulsed laser diodes.

  • Thermopile IR detectors are thermocouples made from dissimilar materials with differing Seebeck coefficients. The Pyroelectric effect in is manifested in dielectric materials which have a crystalline asymmetry such that its polarization is changed when its temperature is changed.

  • Many research centers, like those for nuclear fusion and cancer, require high-energy lasers with megawatt and petawatt power capabilities. For centers like these to make breakthroughs, the optics used must be extremely robust with low absorption levels and state-of-the-art coating. 

  • For autonomous flight, UAVs must independently detect obstacles and avoid them, monitoring their surroundings with LiDAR systems. This white paper discusses how the future of drones and UAV technologies will change the world we live in.

  • In ophthalmology, lasers are used for refractive surgery to burn, cut, or remove objects to achieve optimal refractive power. This article discusses the use of excimer and/or femtosecond lasers in multiple types of operations to correct defective vision

  • LASER COMPONENTS manufactures individual optical components with high requirements in terms of substrate, coating, packaging, and documentation. Custom optics, even in small quantities, are also available for a variety of different applications. 

  • The key to making an instrument detector noise limited instead of circuit noise limited is understanding the relationships between signal-to-noise ratio and bias voltage, and between optical frequency chopping and detector noise levels.

  • A light-cutting process is a technique used for measuring profiles, high differences, and geometries based on the principle of laser triangulation with a system consisting of a lighting source, a camera, and evaluation software. 

  • Since pyroelectric detectors are high output thermal devices, the noise output is typically the limiting item to their performance. This application note discusses the various sources of noise in these devices and how it can affect the performance in each application.

  • LASER COMPONENTS provides background information on the multiplication process in Silicon used in the materials for fabrication of PIN and Avalanche Photodiodes for visible and near IR applications. This app note presents approaches to designing APDs, as well as other helpful information on the use of APDs.

  • With ever increasing importance in data exchange and data security, cryptography, or the encoding of a message, becomes essential. A key must also be exchanged in order for the message to be decrypted. In order to protect the key exchange from being intercepted, quantum cryptography must be utilized.


  • Laser Components now has the capability to manufacture high-quality Powell lenses in house. Powell lenses generate lines by transforming narrow laser beams into straight lines with uniform intensity profile, unlike standard cylindrical lenses that also create laser lines but with uneven Gaussian profiles.
    Booth # 848

  • Utilizing its numerous measuring devices, LASER COMPONENTS guarantees fiber optic assemblies manufactured in house meets stringent customer requirements as well as its own high-quality standards. For 25 years, LASER COMPONENTS, has consistently invested in the continuous expansion of its measurement capabilities.

  • Superior technology and design separates polarization of three wavelengths (red, blue, green) simultaneously.

  • The ADAS Sensors 2021 Virtual Conference features NH-based laser components. Susan Wells, Sales Manager, IR Components, APD and PLD will present on the topic of Optical Components Enabling LiDAR: Recent Trends and Developments.

  • LASER COMPONENTS has developed a new layer design that has the ability to separate the polarizations of three wavelengths simultaneously. Manufactured according to customer specifications, the optics can be used to combine linearly polarized laser beams from several sources. This can be achieved even if they have the same or different wavelengths. In addition, it is now possible to separate the unpolarized light of three wavelengths into polarizations, simultaneously.

  • LASER COMPONENTS held its first Infrared Sessions workshop in its new virtual format called LC Talks. The event was held over two days, with 450 participants from 35 countries around the world in attendance. Attendees engaged in learning about the latest developments in IR technology from 20 short presentations.

  • The FLEXPOINT MVpulse laser module delivers an output power of up to 100 mW and fulfills all the requirements of laser classes 1 or 2. This is achieved with an integrated microcontroller that provides a continuous wave laser in such a way that individual pulses can be generated. MV output power is five times higher than in cw operation, with the laser class specifications maintained for the entire pulse sequence.

  • LASER COMPONENTS USA, Inc. is pleased to announce its new VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser) product line in partnership with supplier Brightlaser Limited. This addition is complimenting LASER COMPONENTS offerings of optoelectronic components.

  • LASER COMPONENTS is pleased to announce the launch of a new series of events – Infrared Sessions, December 1-2, 2020. LC Talks will address a worldwide audience in a virtual format that includes experts from research, industry, and students. Newcomers are more than welcome and we encourage all to attend. Individual sessions related to the company’s core technologies will be discussed with the following topics: laser optics, IR components, pulsed laser diodes, photodiodes, and fiber technology

  • Laser Components, a global manufacturer of laser optics, offers a wide array of optimally adapted products to meet every customer’s unique requirements. From substrate production and coatings to thorough outgoing goods inspection, all operating steps are carried out in house. Many end products, such as internal coating optics from NUTECH, require small numbers of precisely manufactured optics, used to equip tubes and hollow bodies with corrosion and wear protection from the inside.