Newsletter | March 6, 2023

03.06.23 -- New Intensified sCMOS Camera Technology Improves High-Speed Analysis

From The Editor
Spotlight On Quantum Sensing
Tough Enough For Space, Stable Enough For Quantum: Fiber-Q

“Fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulators” (FCAOM) is not a phrase that rolls naturally off the tongue, yet this slightly awkward descriptor belies an elegant and robust solution for directly controlling the timing, intensity, and temporal shape of the output from fiber lasers.

SWIR Images Monitor Air Quality From Space

Flying a Sensors Unlimited 640HSX InGaAs SWIR camera, the GHGSat’s microSat circles the Earth every 90 minutes collecting infrared images. Data from the microSat will enable industries to monitor and quantify their own carbon dioxide and methane emissions to better manage and reduce their impact on air quality.

Precision Velocity Measurement: Canon Non-Contact Displacement Sensor

Non-contact sensing is invaluable in applications where measurements may be rendered unacceptably imprecise by slippage and poor speed management or equipment or products may be damaged by contact.

New Intensified sCMOS Camera Technology Improves High-Speed Analysis

Intensified sCMOS technology provides the technical solution when other imaging technology does not meet your application’s speed, exposure time, or resolution requirements.

Industry Insights
Overview Of Laser Modes In Optical Fiber

Laser light in an optical fiber can travel in one or many modes. Long-distance telecom works better when there is just one mode. High-power applications benefit from having many modes.

Principles Of Scanning Nitrogen Vacancy Magnetometry Explained

Scanning NV magnetometry might not achieve atomic scale resolution, but it provides very high spatial resolution and acceptable magnetic sensitivity compared to other techniques.

Piezoelectric Ultrasound Transducers For Therapeutics

Piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers open up new and innovative therapeutic possibilities that improve or even substitute many established procedures. Minimally invasive and gentle treatment methods with improved therapy success and fewer side effects can be realized using piezoelectric ultrasound transducers. 

Intro To Multiphoton Microscopy

Multiphoton microscopy is ideal for capturing high-resolution 3D images with reduced photobleaching and phototoxicity compared to traditional confocal microscopy techniques.

Recent News
Featured Multimedia
BaySpec Breeze Handheld Spectrometer
The Breeze is a handheld spectrometer that features proprietary miniaturized optics and high efficiency for maximum sensitivity with high-speed acquisition. This compact device allows operation with the touch of a button.
Bulletin Board
Quantum Cascade Solutions

Infrared Devices Product Manager Gary Spingarn of Hamamatsu met with Photonics Online on day two of Defense + Commercial Sensing 2022 to talk about quantum cascade lasers.

Featured Solutions
IR Detectors: Two-Stage Cooled PbSe Packages
Opto Diode Corporation introduces a high-performance, two-stage, cooled lead selenide (PbSe) detector that operates in the mid-infrared (IR) spectral region with peak sensitivity between 4.3 and 4.5 µm. The cooler on the BXT2S-28T allows the detector element to operate as low as minus 45 °C to maximize detectivity (D*).
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Opto Diode, An ITW Company
Advanced Photonix Deep UV Large Area Avalanche Photodiode (LAAPD)

Advanced Photonix, a division of OSI Optoelectronics, introduces compact and rugged Large Area Avalanche Photodiodes (LAAPDs). APDs are robust, compact, and lightweight compared to PMT’s and require little or no cooling, making them ideal for applications requiring durability, portability, small space envelopes, or operation in harsh environments. 

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OSI Optoelectronics
High-Resolution Cameras With Sony Pregius CMOS Sensors: Prosilica GT Series

Allied Vision offers the new Prosilica GT series of cameras designed with Sony Pregius CMOS sensors for high-quality imaging systems. With resolutions up to 31.4 megapixel at varied aspect ratios, these cameras are ideal for high-definition imaging applications with demanding requirements on robustness and design-in flexibility.

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Allied Vision
Phantom TMX 5010

The Phantom TMX 5010 provides extreme frame rates utilizing Vision Research's newest technology, the back side illuminated high-speed sensor. This versatile, full-featured camera is ideal for a wide variety of applications.  

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Vision Research, Inc.