Newsletter | March 8, 2023

03.08.23 -- How Smart Active Alignment Can Reduce Manufacturing Costs

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Spotlight On LIDAR
How Smart Active Alignment Can Reduce Manufacturing Costs

The flourishing field of LiDAR is building on a foundation laid by silicon photonics and smartphones, an outcome that surprised all but the most leading-edge thinkers in ultraprecision manufacturing, engineering, and innovation theory.

Understanding LiDAR Filters

Some of the most important components of LiDAR sensors are the filters that isolate target signals while preventing sunlight and other extraneous light from reaching the detector. A wide variety of applications and sensor types exist, from laser altimeters to Raman LiDAR systems.

Remote Sensing With LiDAR Requires Optical Filter Trade-Offs

Engineers and designers working on LiDAR applications should consider critical filter issues early on.

LiDAR: Measuring The Measurement System Is Essential

This white paper discusses the importance of precisely measuring LiDAR parameters and its impact on the performance and construction of LiDAR systems.

Industry Insights
LiDAR: Lasers Rule For Remote Distance Measurement

Autonomous vehicles, military ranging, atmospheric sensing, and traffic monitoring are just some of the applications for this versatile technique.

5 High-Power Laser Applications

Not all laser applications are as futuristic in Star Wars, but some of the applications involving high-power lasers get pretty close! From nuclear fusion to measuring the distance to the moon, lasers have found all sorts of surprising uses.

When The Goal Is Large-Scale Optics

When companies need to scale up the size of their windows and mirrors while maintaining the most exacting of optical specifications, the competence of a chosen partner is essential.

LiDAR Mapping In Archaeology

In Central America, laser technology is providing insights into the past. Pulsed laser diodes in the near IR range are commonly used in LiDAR cartography, helping prove undiscovered settlement history, including potential sites and burial mounds in Guatemala. 

Space & Spectroscopy: Shedding Light On G&H’s Laser Tuning Capabilities

Space is perhaps no longer "the final frontier," but as an operating environment for optical components, it remains in many ways the ultimate test of the technology’s reliability, resilience, and precision — far more so, typically, than with terrestrial applications.

Recent News
Featured Multimedia
Scaling To Match The Needs Of A Booming Silicon Photonics Industry

Silicon photonics have become a mainstream technology for everything from LiDAR to smartwatch sensors. With this significant growth, test and manufacturing equipment is scaling to keep pace.

Bulletin Board
G&H Fiber Optic Components For LiDAR Applications

Toby Reid of G&H discusses how their fiber optic components can be integrated into LiDAR systems for applications involving distributed fiber sensing, atmospheric sensing, and remote sensing.

Featured Solutions
The SOLO 50: A High-Performance, SWIR Optimized Lens Option

The SOLO 50 is a high-performance focal length lens option for imaging applications in the 0.7 µm to 1.7 µm wavelength range. The lens features a rugged, environmentally sealed design with a manual locking focus able to maintain steady performance when needed.

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Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace
Solutions For Imaging, Sensing, And Laser Scanning Applications

Abrisa Technologies offers custom coating services and innovative total solutions of coated and fabricated technology glass for imaging, sensing, and laser scanning applications.

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Abrisa Technologies
Liquid Focus Lenses: PYRITE Series

The PYRITE series of lenses are the universal lens solution, featuring a small and compact design, very low distortion and high resolution, and covering a wide working distance range.

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Schneider Optics
Digital Scientific Frame Transfer EMCCD: Kestrel

Raptor Photonics’ Kestrel is a digital monochrome scientific frame transfer EMCCD camera with high sensitivity, speed, and resolution and QE up to 95%. With the EM gain on, it offers less than 1 electrons read noise.

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Raptor Photonics Limited