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11.29.23 -- How Microscopy Helps Big Pharma With The Little Things


How Microscopy Helps Big Pharma With The Little Things

Microscopy plays a crucial role in various aspects of pharmaceutical research and development within life sciences. Let’s take a look at how Big Pharma uses this technology to discover new drugs, perform quality control, and more.


Medical: Lenses For Microscopy

Magnification lenses play a vital role in microscopes as they enable the user to observe the object being studied in a magnified form.

Clean, New Bioenergy Sources: One Molecule At A Time

Conversion of cellulose to bioethanol has huge potential to positively impact the global energy crisis, helping enable a shift away from fossil fuel dependency.


New Metrology Techniques For Advanced Thin Film Optical Filters

Measuring the spectral response of advanced thin film optical filters is challenging but can be overcome with the right approach.

Determine The Exact Laser Module For Your Machine Vision Application

Selecting a laser module to fit an application should be a fluid process. From identifying key specifications to testing and potentially customizing the final laser, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Fast Shaping Control Of X-Ray Beams Using A Deformable Mirror

Discover how a new sensor system helped a company avoid issues like drift in their deformable mirror by providing critical deformable feedback on the focal spot in seconds.


Stirring A Polariton Condensate Using A Special Laser Beam

Photonic Technologies Advance Cancer Detection And Treatment Response

Laser-Powered ‘Tweezers’ Reveal Universal Mechanism Viruses Use To Package Up DNA

Oxygen Dissociation Time-Resolved With Extreme-Ultraviolet Light Sources Combo

Nichia Starts In-House Production And Sales Of High-Power Red Laser Diodes

AI For Perovskite Solar Cells: Key To Better Production

Sublimate Non-Linear Environments By Shaking Them

Beams Of Light Like A Boomerang

TAU Systems Signs Lease On Premises For Laser Plasma Accelerator Application Center

The Perfect Tool For Surface Preparation Before Non-Destructive Testing


Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions

On the last day of Photonics West 2022, Jennifer Piper of BaySpec discusses hyperspectral cameras, including the GoldenEye Snapshot imager, which is ideal for low-light applications.


Digital Encoder Galvano Scanner: GM-1000 Series

The GM-1000 series of digital encoder Galvano scanners comprises four different models with variations in beam diameter, scan angles, small step response, and resolution.

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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components

Industrial Optical Lenses: JADE Series

The JADE series is a set of high-end lenses developed with focus on the new sensors like Sony’s Pregius S-Generation 4. JADE lenses are optimized for use in machine vision applications.

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Schneider Optics

Ultra-Stable XY Motorized Microscope Stage With Controller And Joystick: U-780

The U-780 is a low-profile precision positioning stage with a controller and joystick for high-resolution microscopy applications. This motorized stage provides extremely high stability, which is vital for high-resolution imaging.

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PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

IR Detectors: BXT2 Series

The BXT2 Series two-stage, cooled, lead selenide (PbSe) detectors operate in the mid-infrared (IR) spectral region with peak sensitivity between 4.3 and 4.5 µm. The cooler on the BXT2S-28T allows the detector element to operate as low as minus 45 °C to maximize detectivity (D*).

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Opto Diode, An ITW Company

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