Ultra-Stable XY Motorized Microscope Stage With Controller And Joystick: U-780

Source: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

Ultra-Stable XY Motorized Microscope Stage With Controller And Joystick: U-780

The U-780 from PI is a new low-profile precision positioning stage with a controller and joystick for high-resolution microscopy applications. With technology based on PI’s patented ultrasonic ceramic linear motors, this motorized stage provides extremely high stability, which is vital for high-resolution imaging.

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The U-780 has motors that are preloaded and automatically clamp in place once a position has been reached. There is no servo jitter as can be observed with electro-magnetic linear motors, no electric current is required, and no heat is generated when resting at a position. Included ultrasonic linear motors deliver a very wide dynamic speed range from microns/second and up to more than 100mm/sec. A linear encoder with 100 nm resolution is integrated for each axis, which helps to eliminate play and backlash.

Additional features include:

  • Highly constant velocity at 10µm/sec
  • Travel range to 135 mm × 85 mm, large aperture 160 x 110 mm
  • For inverted microscopes, freely revolving nosepiece
  • Low profile design, very compact for unrestricted access to the sample
  • Extensive accessories include Z sample scanners, microscope slide holder, and petri dish and well plate holder

Download the datasheet for more features and specifications on the U-780 positioning stage. Check out the video below for an introduction to the product.

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