High-Speed Piezo-Z Optical-Axis Objective Positioner/Scanner For Microscopy And Metrology

High-Speed Piezo Z-Stage And Digital Controller Packages For Microscopy And Metrology

PI (Physik Instrumente) offers the P-725 high-speed Piezo-Z optical-axis objective positioners designed to deliver higher performance and lower costs for microscopy, metrology, 3D imaging, screening, autofocus systems, surface analysis, and wafer inspection applications. The systems feature travel ranges up to 460 µm, and are composed of a PIFOC® high performance fast piezo focus devices, a compact digital servo controller, a comprehensive software package, and a QuickLock adapter for easy attachment.

The P-725 PIFOC® objective scanning system can scan and position objectives with sub-nm resolution at high bandwidth. The digital servo piezo controller offers the advantage of higher linearity, simple operation, and easy access to advanced features in comparison to conventional analog piezo controllers. It provides responsive real-time tracking, and it supports PI's unique Fast Focus & Freeze capability, where the unit can be smoothly switched from external (focus) sensor to the internal (capacitive, SGS, or piezo-resistive) sensor, allowing for precise, calibrated, stable motions with respect to the focal plane.

For more information on these high-speed piezo z-stage and digital controller packages, check out the video, download the datasheet, or download the application note.