High-Powered GaAlAs Near-Infrared Emitter: OD-110W

Source: Opto Diode, An ITW Company

High-Powered GaAlAs Near-Infrared Emitter: OD-110W

The OD-110W GaAlAs near-infrared (IR) emitter features uniform optical beams with a typical peak emission wavelength of 850 nm, an optical output of 140mW, a chip size of 0.026 in. x 0.026 in., and gold plating on all surfaces. These near-IR light-emitting diodes (near-IRLEDS) are designed for high-powered night vision and surveillance applications...

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The typical performance of the OD-110W emitter includes a half intensity beam angle of 110 degrees, forward voltage of 1.7 V, and rise and fall times of 20 nanoseconds each. These near-IRLEDS are ideal for rugged applications such as harsh industrial environments or deployment in the field, and are housed in standard 3-lead, TO-39 hermetically-sealed packages with RoHS compliant materials. Four wire bonds are positioned on the die corners to minimize potential artifacts in imaging applications.

To learn more about Opto Diode’s new OD-110W GaAlAs near-IR emitter, download the datasheet.

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