Newsletter | May 22, 2023

05.22.23 -- Directed Energy's Walk Through The Valley Of Death

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Spotlight On Defense & Security
HD Thermal Imaging For Defense Research And Test Ranges

Infrared target signature research and target tracking place substantial technical demands on thermal imaging cameras, as well as the researchers using those cameras. FLIR develops thermal imaging systems to overcome challenges on both fronts. 

Using SWIR In ISR Military And Security Systems

Whereas past reconnaissance needs were more strategic, today's needs are highly tactical, demanding a high level of persistence and the ability to identify individual humans in the field of interest. In recent years, the exceptional capabilities of shortwave infrared (SWIR) technology have made it the next generation of imaging technology for ground, airborne, and space technology.

How To Specify A Custom-Designed Instrument

Customers with a clear-eyed view of the solution’s basic specifications, budget, and expected timeline are well-positioned for an efficient, effective custom design experience.

Precision Optics For Military Applications

This application note reviews a number of precision optics suitable for military applications, including corner cube retro-reflectors, integrator rods, mirrors, windows, and cube beamsplitters, as well as a wide variety of prisms.

Industry Insights
Fabrication Of PIN And Avalanche Photodiodes For Visible And Near IR

The application note provides a background on multiplication processes in silicon and describes the characteristics of silicon that make it useful for the fabrication of PIN and Avalanche Photodiodes.

The Relationship Between Laser Fluence And Pulse Duration

Laser fluence is a useful metric to know how concentrated the energy is spatially. It tells us nothing, however, about how fast that energy is delivered. This is where pulse duration comes into play.

Understanding High-Performance SWIR Imaging Cameras

The use of imaging systems to capture long wavelength photons continues to increase in diverse application areas. This white paper discusses the performance of InGaAs detector arrays with sensitivities in the VIS-SWIR region.

Automation Platforms For Laser Material Processing

As part of the PI Group, ACS Motion Control offers advanced automation and motion controllers that come with a variety of drive options and specialized modules for managing laser applications.

Recent News
Featured Multimedia
Changing The World With Photonics: Aerospace And Defense

G&H is recognized for the diversity of their acousto-optic, electro-optic, crystal-optic, fiber optic, and precision optic products. G&H's engineers bring decades of experience, working closely with program managers at prime aerospace and defense suppliers. 

Bulletin Board
Laser Interferometry

ZYGO is respected globally as an innovator and for providing best-in-class technologies, services, and solutions with a focus on surface metrology, position sensing, and optical components and assemblies. In a world where meeting and achieving precise tolerances are critical to the success of advanced applications, ZYGO is your dedicated strategic partner.

Featured Solutions
Space Camera Solutions: Flight-Ready Cameras For Space

Raptor has some unique space heritage, with cameras flying as optical payloads on several live LEO Cubesat missions for Earth observation as well as ground-based stations.

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Raptor Photonics Limited
Clip-On Night Vision Device (CNVD): M2124 AN/PVS-24/24A

The L3Harris Clip-On Night Vision Device (CNVD) is a night vision sight that clips onto the rail in front of the existing day optic without altering day optic zero.

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L3 Harris Technologies, Inc.
Focal Spot Analyzer

The Focal Spot Analyzer is a combination of a camera, beam splitter, neutral density filters, and BeamGage software that captures beam size, shape, and profile at focus.

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Ophir Photonics
Photodiodes: UV Enhanced Detectors (UVG)

The UVG family of detectors features stable responsivity over wide temperature ranges and long life in exposure to UV light. The devices are suitable for a variety of applications.

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Opto Diode, An ITW Company