Focal Spot Analyzer

Source: Ophir Photonics
Focal Spot Analyzer

The Focal Spot Analyzer is a combination of a camera, beam splitter, neutral density filters, and BeamGage software that captures beam size, shape, and profile at focus.

Measure your laser beam power distribution and focal spot size of wavelengths from 300 – 1100nm. The average power can be from <1 to 400 Watts and up to 5 kW for FSA-HP, the focal spot can be as small as 34.5μm. The FSA can also be used to measure how the focal spot shifts with power during its critical start-up phase.

Key Features

  • Image focal spots down to 34.5μm in size
  • For laser powers up to 400W and up to 5kW for FSA- HP version
  • Can measure systems with focal length as short as 73mm
  • Produces undistorted sample of laser under test
  • Adjustable attenuation maximizes system dynamic range
  • Up to 1 x 10-10 attenuation available
  • Analyzer includes camera, attenuation, BeamGage software and calibration certificate

For full product information and specifications, download the attached datasheet.