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07.08.24 -- DEWs: From Archimedes To Iron Beam | Directed Energy Lasers — Advantages & Challenges | Fast Steering Mirrors For Deep Space


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Directed Energy Weapons: From The Mirrors Of Archimedes To Iron Beam

The U.S., China, France, Germany, the U.K., Russia, India, Israel, and Pakistan are all working to develop military-grade directed energy weapons. While mostly in the developmental stage, they are fast becoming the practical, high-performance military option of tomorrow.


Directed Energy Laser Devices — Advantages And Challenges

DEWs have been at the cutting edge of military research for over 40 years, dating back to the Strategic Defense Initiative in 1983. With their storied history (and future), comes a list of pros and cons.

Imaging Lenses For UAVs

Explores the unique requirements of UAV imaging and how fixed focal length lenses are engineered to meet these challenges, ensuring high performance in harsh environments.

Lenses For CUBESAT

Imaging technologies are crucial for space exploration and CubeSats, enabling high-resolution Earth imaging, resource monitoring, disaster detection, and CubeSat performance enhancement, ultimately improving reliability and navigation.


Custom Vs. Off-The-Shelf Solutions: Are You Dreaming Big Enough?

Custom positioning solutions provide more leeway for innovation, and at far less cost, than many customers realize.

Fast Steering Mirrors For Deep Space And Free Space Optical Comms

Learn about fast steering mirror tech, which uses piezoelectric or electromagnetic actuation for efficient, quick designs used in space-based as well as terrestrial testing.

Canon DC Brushless Servo Motors: Powerful Precision In A Petite Package

Canon DC brushless servo motors’ combination of compact size, high torque, precision positioning, and high response make them ideal for medical and industrial applications.


QUT's Seven New ARC Linkage Projects Focus On Opportunities For Australia

Laser Photonics Expands To Larger Facility; Customer Training Center Next

New Partner For TOPTICA

Moving Beyond The 80-Year-Old Solar Cell Equation

Precise And Less Expensive 3D Printing Of Complex, High-Resolution Structures

Quantum Leap: Breakthrough For Secure Communication With 'Artificial Atoms'

Laser Experiment Excites Atom's Nucleus, May Enable New Type Of Atomic Clock

Research Examines Durability Of Outdoor Perovskite Solar Cells

Makino, Fraunhofer ILT Expand The Possibilities Of Additive Manufacturing

Fundamental Spatial Limits Of All-Optical Magnetization Switching


Coatings For Defense And IR Spectrum Applications

Familiarize yourself with NVIS/NVG-compatible coated display filters and custom solutions for industry-leading performance in various IR spectral regions.


High-Temperature, Wide-Angle IRLED: OD-110WISOLHT

The OD-110WISOLHT is a high-temperature, wide-angle infrared light-emitting diode (IRLED) specially designed for high-temperature applications, such as covert exterior aircraft lighting. The device features a peak emission wavelength of 880 nm and total power output ranging from 60 mW (minimum) up to 120 mW (typical). 

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