Xenics Videos

  1. How New Technologies Enable New Applications For Linescan SWIR

    Raf Vandermissen of Xenics spoke to us at Photonics West 2018 about these innovative technologies that enable new applications for SWIR linescan detectors, including their new XLIN-FC.

  2. Key Specifications For SWIR Detectors

    Raf Vandersmissen with Xenics spoke to us about how read noise and dark current can impact performance parameters in SWIR detectors – specifically as it relates to sensitivity, dynamic range, and signal-to-noise ratio.

  3. Thermography Crash Course

    This course is an introductory session from Xenics Infrared Solutions for companies stepping into the thermography world. In this session, viewers will be made aware of basic IR concepts within infrared reflected light, thermal imaging, and thermography technologies, and the criteria and measurements involved with each of them.

  4. Low Cost, High Speed Imaging Solutions

    Xenics' message at Photonics West in 2016 is straight and to point — low cost, and high speed.

  5. Integration Works Well Together

    Xenics’ CEO Bob Grietens spent some time with us on day one of the DSS exhibition to show us some of their infrared imaging solutions for integration into pan and tilt systems, gimbal systems, as well as fixed imaging systems for applications in border protection/patrol, law enforcement, and homeland security.

  6. Hyperspectral Imaging, Laser Beam Analysis, And Thermography Solutions

    Herve Copin with Xenics showed us two exciting new product releases at Photonics West this year. 

  7. SWIR Cameras, Cores, And Export License Solutions

    Herve Copin with Xenics kicked off the last day of Optics and Photonics 2014 by discussing two of his company's SWIR camera offerings: The Bobcat 640 for waste sorting, food inspection, failure analysis, and semiconductor inspection; and the Rufus 640, a SWIR camera that can operate in both extreme day and night conditions.

  8. SWIR Camera With Superior Situational Awareness

    Raf Vandermissen of Xenics introduces us to the Rufus-640- an analog SWIR camera, ideal for active and passive night vision, UAV applications, homeland security, and SAR (search and rescue). Its most notable feature is its embedded proprietary algorithms that result in superior situational awareness in several types of lighting conditions.

  9. Better In Belgium: SWIR And LWIR Cameras

    Bob Grietens, CEO of Xenics, takes time out during the exhibition to tell us about the variety of infrared cameras his company had on display at BiOS and Photonics West.

  10. Low Dark Current Cameras Ideal for Low Light Imaging

    Luc DeBroucke, CEO of Xenics USA, told us about Xenics’ initiative to develop NIR InGaAs cameras that feature not just low noise, but also low dark current at Optics and Photonics in 2013.