Windows Prisms Products

  1. Defense And Security

    SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers high tech materials and components for enabling the defense and security industry to develop night vision, display, sensor, and other technologies that are smaller, lighter, and more effective.

  2. Glass Machining

    Abrisa Technologies offers a broad spectrum of glass machining services that can fit nearly every application-specific customer requirement. With CNC processing and other glass fabrication equipment, this company can manufacture a wide variety of glass parts ranging from simple to the most complex designs. Some of the offered processes performed in-house include notching, slotting, grooving, edge grinding, stepped surfaces, hole drilling, circle grinding, polishing, and sandblasting.

  3. Custom Prisms

    Precision Optics Corporation can custom manufacture prisms with tolerances to .01mm, <10/5 scratch/dig, λ/20 flatness, <5 arc second parallelism, +/- 0.1mm; 0.2mm to 150 mm diameter, and +/- 0.02mm (and as thin as 0.2mm) thickness.

  4. Prisms and Beamsplitters

    Ross Optical offers a variety of prism types, including right angle, equilateral, dove, amici, wedge, penta, and retroreflectors, as well as plate and cube beamsplitters. This page provides an overview of these offerings.

  5. Prisms and Wedges

    Prisms and wedges by IRD Glass are finished to exacting finishes and can be coated with anti-reflective, mirror, band-pass, and other thin film coatings.

  6. Precision Prisms

    OPCO’s manufacturing process includes CNC fabrication, precise metrology, and testing processes to develop high quality, precision prisms with tolerances to 10 microns, surface quality to 10-5, and surface accuracy to Lambda/20.

  7. Precision Windows

    OPCO’s precision windows are available in 400mm diameter (standard) and 2mm (micro optics) diameter configurations. They offer tolerances to 10 microns, centration within seconds, and surface accuracy to Lambda/20.

  8. Littrow Prisms

    Littrow dispersion prisms are used to limit lasing to a specific wavelength in many optics applications. This is ideal for laser cavities, spectrographs, and other optical systems in which it is critical that a specified wavelength not be exceeded when a sample (tissue or otherwise) is subjected to a laser’s light.

  9. Micro Prisms

    Micro prisms have a minimum of two plano surfaces that are separated by a wedge angle. Precision Optics Corporation manufactures prisms as small as 0.18 mm to rotate, deflect, and deviate beams of light and disperse their wavelengths.

  10. Windows & Lenses
    REFLEXAnalytical offers the largest selection of VUV (vacuum ultraviolet