1. Webinar: Using High-Speed Infrared Imaging In Additive Manufacturing

    The process of sdditive manufacturing, or 3D printing, allows for the rapid fabrication of metal pieces with carious compositions, shapes, and sizes, but the extremely high thermal gradients involved can sometimes induce stress and deformation in the materials. High-speed infrared imaging of this Direct Medal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process on stainless steel has been used to better understand and visualize these thermal transfers. This webinar discusses the observation process of additive manufacturing, and how high-speed infrared imaging provides detailed information and results that can enhance future DMLS processes.

  2. Webinar: How To Choose The Best Infrared Imaging Camera For Your Application

    Infrared imaging can be used for a variety of applications, including military, combustion analysis, environmental studies, and experimental mechanics. So how do you find the optimal imaging camera for the task at hand? This webinar discusses the basic concepts of infrared imaging, and presents important considerations that each application demands and how to choose a camera based on these requirements.

  3. Webinar: Direct Hyperspectral Imaging Of Methane Gas Leaks

    Many types of natural gas from shale formations, including methane (CH4), are odorless, colorless, and highly flammable making leaks and emanations important considerations for safety and the environment. Telops offers the Hyper-Cam Methane, a field-deployable thermal infrared hyperspectral camera specially tuned for detecting methane infrared spectral features under ambient conditions and over large distances. This webinar presents important benefits of using IR hyperspectral imaging for shale gas leaks, and discusses how it was used to find a methane leak during a geological survey near a hospital in Quebec City, Canada.

  4. What Is Multispectral Imaging?

    Telops offers a variety of high-performance scientific instruments to meet the most demanding research applications. The MS-IR Series of time-resolved, multispectral imagers are able to combine measurements obtained with various attenuation filters to achieve a composite HDR image that shows hot and cold objects at the same time. 

  5. Product Video: Advanced Infrared Imaging Through High Speed Multispectral Filtering

    Vince Morton with Telops gives an update on what’s new for Telops’ product lines, and shows a demonstration of an advanced high-speed multispectral filtering application.

  6. High-Speed Infrared Imaging Of A Dual-fuel Engine

    This is high-speed infrared video footage from Telops of the four engine cycles of a duel-fuel engine.

  7. Webinar: High-Speed Infrared Imaging For Internal Combustion Engine Diagnostics

    High-speed infrared imaging is found to be a new diagnostic tool for studying ICEs. This Telops webinar offers a brief overview of optical engines, infrared (IR) narrowband imaging, and the investigation of a 4-cycle diesel ICE using high-speed IR imaging.

  8. Hyperspectral Camera For Systems Integration

    Telops has responded to the request of their customers for a smaller version of their Hyper-Cam hyperspectral camera and has miniaturized it enough so that it can be integrated into smaller systems and packages.

  9. 5 Considerations When Selecting A High Speed IR Camera

    Vincent Farley with Telops offers insight into what to consider before selecting a high speed infrared camera.

  10. Fastest Infrared Camera Now Even Faster

    Vincent Farley of Telops closed out Day 2 of SPIE’s DSS 2015 with an introduction to the FAST-IR 2K - with 2,000 FPS, it furthers their foothold as the manufacturer of the fastest infrared camera on the market today. Farley also caught us up on some of the new and notable features of Telops' Hyper-Cam hyperspectral imaging camera.