Supplier News

  1. Xenics Focuses On Modular IR Solutions For Homeland Security

    Xenics, the leading European provider of advanced infrared detectors, cameras and customized imaging solutions, comes to this year's SPIE DSS with a broadly expanded program of 20+ new camera models based on its versatile XenicsCores platform.

  2. Ocean Optics Introduces Miniature Spectrometer For Process And OEM Applications

    Ocean Optics has expanded its line of customized products for optical sensing with the EMBED miniature spectrometer. EMBED is a small-footprint optical bench with minimal electronics targeted at industrial process control and OEM optical measurement systems.

  3. Physik Instrumente USA Hires William Culpi As Engineering Chief - PI miCos USA Products

    Physik Instrumente USA extends its support for the PI miCos precision positioning product lines with William Culpi as Engineering Chief PI miCos USA Products.

  4. Xenics And Stemmer Imaging Broaden Their European Distribution Partnership

    Xenics, the leading European provider of advanced infrared detectors, cameras and customized IR imaging solutions, has extended the existing distribution agreement for its industrial IR cameras with Europe's largest imaging technology provider Stemmer Imaging of Puchheim, Germany.

  5. Voxtel Introduces New Family Of Lowest-Cost, Highest-Performance, Eye-Safe Laser Rangefinder Receivers

    Voxtel, Inc. announces the release of a new family of lowest-cost laser rangefinder receivers (LRFR) for compact, low-power, weapon-mounted man-portable and unmanned aircraft (UAV) applications.

  6. Precision Piezo Positioning Stages For High Resolution Microscopy By PI

    PI (Physik Instrumente) LP offers a large variety of piezo-driven precision positioners for high resolution microscope applications.

  7. New FLIR SC6800 Now Fastest Mid-Wave IR Science Camera Available

    FLIR Systems, Inc. has released its new SC6800 infrared camera as a solution for researchers and scientists who require ultra-fast frame rate acquisition of extreme dynamic thermal events.

  8. XY Precision Linear Stage For Metrology And Microscopy Applications From PI miCos

    The new PI miCos MCS XY precision linear stage was designed for industrial surface metrology / microscopy applications and combines robustness and high accuracy.

  9. Hardware & Software For Embedded Machine Vision Solutions: HALCON Embedded Now Running On Intelligent VC Cameras

    MVTec, an expert for machine vision software, has ported its HALCON Embedded software for intelligent cameras from Vision Components (VC), which opens new possibilities for VC users.

  10. Motion Controller For Precision Linear Positioners And Rotation Stages

    The C-884, 4-axis digital servo controller was designed to control motorized linear translation stages and rotary positioners with very high accuracy and repeatability.  The high-speed encoder interface allows the use of the latest direct-metrology linear and angular scales with resolutions down to the nanometer and microrad realm and below.