Semiconductor Processing & Production Products

  1. Optical Components and Assemblies for Semiconductor Applications

    The Zygo Optical Systems Division’s Tier 1 optical fabrication facility utilizes their own proprietary manufacturing and metrology techniques to design and manufacture optical components and optical assemblies for use in semiconductor applications.

  2. SWIR Camera for R&D Spectroscopy/Semiconductor Failure Analysis: Cougar-640

    This LN2 cooled SWIR (shortwave infrared) camera utilizes a 640 x 512 InGaAs FPA. The detector features greater than 98% pixel operability, is developed in-house, is optimized for 77k operating, and uses Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) cooling. Additionally, the detector is based on a SFD (Source Follower per Detector) readout toplogy for ultra low noise levels.