1. New Piezo Bimorph Actuators Are Smaller, Require Lower Voltage, By PI Ceramic

    Piezo ceramics specialist PI ceramic offers a new line of co-fired multilayer piezo bimorph actuators.

  2. PI Releases New Piezo Ceramic Actuator Brochure

    Auburn, MA, PI Ceramic, a leading manufacturer of piezo ceramic precision actuators, materials, and sub-assemblies has released a new catalog called “Piezoelectric Actuators”.

  3. Hexapod / SpaceFAB Parallel Precision Robotic Positioning Systems From PI

    PI (Physik Instrumente) LP – a leading manufacturer of motion control systems for nano-automation — provides a complete line of highly accurate 6-axis robotic parallel positioners (Hexapod/SpaceFAB) for advanced applications in fields as diverse as bio/nano-technology, aerospace, medical technology and lasers/photonics. 

  4. Newport Announces The Industry’s First Family Of Air Bearing Stages For 450mm Wafer Initiative - DynamYX Datum 450 And 450GT

    Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in advanced motion control solutions, introduces the industry’s premier line of high-performance air bearing stages specifically designed for the 450mm semiconductor wafer initiative. 

  5. High Precision Linear Stage Family From PI miCos Offers Large Variety

    More than 20 product families are available starting with miniature translation stages and positioning ranges of 40 mm to high load, linear translation stages for travel ranges to 1 meter. These motorized precision positioners come in a large variety of standard and custom versions for any budget and application. 

  6. Newport’s New, Integrated Vertical And Rotation Stage For Wafer Positioning

    Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in laser and photonic solutions that Make, Manage and Measure Light, announces a specialized Integrated Vertical and Rotation Stage, the ZVR.