PI (Physik Instrumente) Videos

  1. From The Show Floor – Part 1 of 4: The Century Of The Photon

    “It’s been said that the last century was the Century of the Electron, and the current century will be the Century of the Photon. At the intersection is where innovation is occurring right now.” – Scott Jordan, PI.

  2. Precision Motion For Micro- And Nanopositioning

    In this video, Donn Silbermann with Physik Instrumente (PI) discusses what his company had on display at Optics and Photonics 2014, including products for precision motion control. Watch the video to learn more about how PI's positioning equipment can be used to help you acquire better images, faster.

  3. Better Images Through Precision Motion Control

    Jim Gareau with PI spent some time on the last morning of the DSS 2014 exhibition with us to tell us about their precision motion control solutions and how and why they’re able to provide their customers with better images through hexapods, precision motor stages, and Piezo motion devices.

  4. Silicon Photonics: Automated Alignment / Manufacturing of Fiber-Optics Components

    A turn-key system for automating silicon photonics processes.

  5. Motion Technologies For Imaging And Optical Alignment Applications

    At BiOS 2014, Stefan Vorndran, VP of marketing for PI, USA, talked to us about a few of his company’s positioning products and educated us on why someone would use a hexapod positioner over a traditional set up of several linear and rotary positioners, as well as why someone would use an ultrasonic motor over a stepper or server motor.

  6. Making Better Images, Faster

    James Deichmann, Director of Sales of PI (Physik Instrumente) West offers a presentation of his company’s precision motion technology.

  7. How Does Magnetic Levitation Work? Planar 6-Axis Precision Positioning Stage

    The PIMag 6D is a design concept for multi-axis nanopositioning applications where the highest precision is required, e.g. in semiconductor processing and inspection systems. This novel precision positioning system is based on magnetic levitation: The completely passive platform levitates on a magnetic field, which actively positions and also guides it. Objects can be moved linearly or rotationally on a plane with a unprecedented guiding accuracy.

  8. PI Medical: Piezo for Medical Design

    Piezo electronic drives from Physik Instrumente are ideal for meeting the equipment needs for therapy diagnosis and the administration of medication which impairs the patient as little as possible.

  9. Precise Positioning Results in Higher Quality Imaging

    Stefan Vorndran with PI (Physik Instrumente) gives us a rundown of their precision positioning technology capabilities at SPIE DSS 2013.