Opto Diode News

  1. Opto Diode Introduces Higher Gain, Near-Infrared Photodiode-Preamp Combo
    Opto Diode Corporation, a global supplier of advanced photodetectors and high-sensitivity, visible and infrared LEDs, introduces a photodiode preamplifier combination device that features higher gain in lower light environments, the new NIR / Red Enhanced 6mm² ODA-6W-500M Photodetector-Preamplifier
  2. Specifying LEDs: Important Performance Parameters To Consider
    This article provides an overview of the important LED performance parameters, enabling users to select the product that best meets the needs of their particular application
  3. Opto Diode Introduces New Photodetector Amplifier Combination
    Opto Diode Corporation, a U.S. manufacturer of advanced performance photodetectors and visible and infrared LEDs, has announced the new ODA-5W-100M Photodetector Amplifier Combination with 100Mohm gain