White Papers and Case Studies

  1. Application Note: How To Protect Museum Quality Artwork With UV Blocking Glass
    UV Blocking Glass acts as a mirror with regard to ultraviolet light wavelengths (400nm and shorter). UV rays are one of the most significant sources of degradation in museum artwork. As such it is a problem that has prompted much consideration. By Abrisa Technologies
  2. Application Note: LuxVu Transparent Window Heaters
    LuxVu Transparent Heater Windows mitigate the adverse effect of cold weather on the functionality and visi-bility of outdoor security cameras. Environmental concerns are regularly an issue when dealing with outdoor optical equipment and certain measures must be taken to mitigate the impact of those concerns. By Abrisa Technologies
  3. Tech Note: Beam Splitter Coatings
    Beam Splitter is a term used to describe various coatings which divide a beam of light into separate beams. Dichroic filters, are often called beam splitters. By Abrisa Technologies
  4. Application Note: Hot & Cold Mirrors
    A hot mirror is in essence a thin film coating applied to substrates in an effort to reflect infra-red radiation either as a means to harness the reflected wavelengths for an application or to remove them from an application. By Abrisa Technologies