Optical Coatings and Materials Videos

  1. Precision Optics For Diverse Marketplaces

    Executive vice-president Kirk Warden with LaCroix Optical introduced us to his company – a custom manufacturer of precision optics based out of Batesville Arkansas. LaCroix is particularly adept at manufacturing spherical, aspherical, and plano optics and serves the medical, defense, astronomy, industrial, and scientific marketplaces.

  2. Ross Optical Broadens Offerings With Aspheres And Micro Optics

    Ross Optical had some exciting new products to showcase at Photonics West this year. Technical sales  engineer Charlie Metzger tells us more about their new micro optics line and precision molded aspheres and also gives a glimpse at their core product line. 

  3. LaCroix Optical Capabilities and Processes

    LaCroix Optical has been providing lenses, achromats, windows, custom coated mirrors, prisms, and other precision optics for over 65 years now. This video gives you an inside look at some of their day-to-day operations and briefly touches on their competitive features.

  4. Commercial Optics, Thin-Film Coatings, And Precision Optics

    Dan Bukaty, president of PG&O (Precision Glass and Optics), likes to keep these videos short, sweet, and to the point. This year at Optics and Photonics, he followed the same formula and still managed to give us some good information on their commercial optics division, thin-film coating division, and their precision optics division.

  5. Optics And Coatings For Commercial Applications

    Dan Bukaty, owner of Precision Glass and Optics (PG&O) introduces us to his company and its capabilities, particularly where the commercial market is concerned.