Military & Defense News

  1. Boeing To Feature Advances In Missile Defense And Directed Energy At Space & Missile Defense Symposium

    Boeing will showcase integrated air and missile defense solutions during the Space and Missile Defense Symposium at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Aug. 11-14.

  2. Laser Light™ Communications, LLC Announces A Cooperative Research And Development Agreement With The Defense Information Systems Agency Relating To LLC's All-Optical, Laser-Based Satellite Communications Technology

    Laser Light™ Communications, LLC (LLC) today announced a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) relating to LLC's Global Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial All Optical Network™ technology.

  3. New Emphasis On Sensing Is Well-Received Complement To Security, Defense At SPIE DSS

    A new expanded emphasis at SPIE DSS last week on Sensing Technology and Applications was well-received as a strong complement to the event’s long-standing Defense and Security topics. Total registered attendance was nearly 5,800, and the exhibition’s 454 companies saw a record number of visitors in the hall this year. The meeting ran 5-9 May in the Baltimore Convention Center.

  4. SPIE Defense + Security Symposium Announced For 5-9 May In Baltimore

    SPIE Defense + Security (SPIE DS), with its D.C.-area location and community-wide participation, is gearing up for another robust year in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2014.

  5. Inspired By Nature: Textured Materials To Aid Industry And Military

    The lotus leaf has a unique microscopic texture and wax-like coating that enables it to easily repel water.

  6. Novel Hollow-Core Optical Fiber To Enable High-Power Military Sensors

    The intensity of light that propagates through glass optical fiber is fundamentally limited by the glass itself. A novel fiber design using a hollow, air-filled core removes this limitation and dramatically improves performance by forcing light to travel through channels of air, instead of the glass around it.

  7. Brimrose Launches Enhanced Military Capability With HERO

    Brimrose Technology Corporation (BTC) now has the potential capability to gather significant amounts of intelligence from the air for use in tactical operations, surveillance, sensing and a host of other military applications.

  8. ESCORT Debuts PASSPORT® Max™ ‘High Definition’ Radar Detector With Advanced Military Technology - All-New PASSPORT Max™ Exceeds Three Key Category Benchmarks

    Category leading innovator and holder of over 85% of radar patents, ESCORT Inc. ( raises the radar detector performance benchmark again with the release of its all-new High Definition PASSPORT® Max™ radar & laser detector. Using advanced military technology, PASSPORT Max™ delivers high definition performance with ultra-fast signal processing and unprecedented noise filtering.


  9. Northrop Grumman Will Help U.S. Navy Mature Laser Weapon Systems, Components For Surface Self-Defense Missions

    The U.S. Navy has selected Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) for the initial phase of the Solid State Laser Technology Maturation (SSL-TM) program. SSL-TM is a research and development project to mature solid-state, high-power laser weapon systems and components for ship defense.

  10. SPIE Defense, Security, And Sensing 2013 Highlights Vital Role Of Photonics For Defense And Commercial Applications

    Capabilities essential to the work of first responders, military forces, researchers, and manufacturers were on display last week at SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing (DSS), the largest annual international meeting featuring light-based technologies for defense and commercial applications.