Microscopy Videos

  1. Inverted Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy With ASI’s RAMM System

    ASI (Applied Scientific Instrumentation) displayed its microscope automation, precise motion control, and optics products at the BiOS and Photonics West 2013 exhibitions.

  2. New Green Laser For Raman Spectroscopy, Flow Cytometry, Confocal Microscopy

    Bob Struthers of PD-LD introduces us to its new 530nm green laser at Photonics West 2013.

  3. Fine Resolution, Better Sensitivity, And SWIR Imaging Make For Deeper OCT Imaging

    Doug Malchow of UTC Aerospace gives us an overview of the GL2048L InGaAs Linescan Camera at Photonics West 2013.

  4. Video: Fluorescence Microscopy

    Fluorescent stained leukocyte / endothelial cell interactions in cerebral microcirculation.