Machine Vision News

  1. Qioptiq Introduces Fetura+ High-Speed Zoom Lens System

    Qioptiq, an Excelitas Technologies® Company, recently introduced the Fetura+™ Advanced Zoom Lens enabling high speed and reliable optical performance for the machine vision and inspection markets. Fetura+ features a unique linear rail design coupled with precision optics to enable it to travel through the 12.5:1 zoom range in less than one second. Due to this unique design, Fetura+ offers a service life in excess of one million cycles and delivers exacting repeatability in any orientation.

  2. New Laser Line Generator For High Precision Machine Vision Applications

    Coherent released a new series of StingRay µFocus (Micro Focus) lasers, or laser line generators, designed to enable the detection of smaller features in machine vision applications based on triangulation. StingRay µFocus (Micro Focus) lasers feature a linewidth that is 40% smaller than standard Coherent StingRay products (at the same working distance), and can achieve focused linewidths as small as 20 µm, thus providing increased spatial resolution and the ability to discern finer details.

  3. Xenics At DCS: Top-Notch Space Technology Serving The Industry

    Xenics will attend SPIE DCS 2016 with a host of new developments, among them the first performance results of a family of high-resolution SWIR line-scan arrays that work up to 400 KHz of line rate. These arrays serve space applications that require high resolution line-scan arrays as well as medical (3D SD-OCT) and industrial applications that require high line rates. . Xenics will exhibit in Booth 523 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

  4. New USB3.0 SWIR Linescan Camera For Spectroscopy And Machine Vision

    Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc. recently introduced the affordable LineCam12, an indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) linescan camera that operates in the shortwave infrared (SWIR) and visible spectrum, from 0.4 to 1.7 µm. The compact camera features a   1024 x 1 pixel format with a 12.5 µm pitch and has two digital outputs, USB3 Vision™ and Camera Link; it can also be powered by USB3.0 in most applications. This is the only USB3 Vision SWIR camera currently available, allowing for easy integration into new or existing machine vision and spectroscopic systems.

  5. Adimec Exhibits New CMOS Daylight Cameras With Adaptive Resolution at SPIE Defense, Security, And Sensing 2016

    Adimec plans to showcase its portfolio pf vision products and technologies that are optimized for the global security market at the 2016 SPIE Defense and Security Syymposium event in Baltimore, MD. The company will display and discuss the enhancements made to the TMX series of rugged full HD and beyond COTS cameras to provide full motion video in daylight on airborne payloads, long-range observations systems, and other sensor system architectures.

  6. Imec HSI Sensors In Ximea Machine Vision Xiq Cameras

    Nanoelectronics research center Imec and Ximea, a creator of machine vision systems, announced their partnership in integrating Imec’s Hyper Spectral Imaging (HSI) sensors into Ximea’s XiQ USB3.0 camera product line.

  7. Modular-X Machine Vision Software Supports Optotune Tunable Lens

    Optotune’s focus tunable lens EL-10-30-Ci has been successfully integrated into SANXO Group’s image processing software Modular-X.

  8. Application Optimised Lenses For Machine Vision

    Resolve Optics Ltd. has built a strong international reputation for working with machine vision camera suppliers and system integrators to develop application optimised lenses to enable them to benefit from the full performance of their camera or sensor system.

  9. Hardware & Software For Embedded Machine Vision Solutions: HALCON Embedded Now Running On Intelligent VC Cameras

    MVTec, an expert for machine vision software, has ported its HALCON Embedded software for intelligent cameras from Vision Components (VC), which opens new possibilities for VC users.

  10. IDS Introduces Stereo 3D Machine Vision Camera

    IDS Imaging Development Systems, a global leader in medical and machine vision, has entered the emerging three-dimensional vision market with a groundbreaking new stereo 3D camera: the Ensenso™ N10, introduced last week at the VISION 2012 exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany.