Lenses Videos

  1. High-Speed Infrared Imaging Of A Dual-fuel Engine

    This is high-speed infrared video footage from Telops of the four engine cycles of a duel-fuel engine.

  2. High-Speed 12-Axis Automated Silicon Photonics Alignment System FMPA

    The FMPA is a high-speed 12-axis automated silicon alignment system based on a highly specialized digital motion controller (E-712) and a hybrid alignment mechanism to achieve the required long travel ranges without sacrificing stability, resolution, or alignment speed. FMPA is implemented in the E-712’s modular firmware to enable fast, simultaneous alignment and tracking of multichannel couplings in multiple degrees of freedom.

  3. When And Why You Should Use SWIR

    Martin Ettenberg, with Princeton Infrared, gave us a breakdown on when and why you should use shortwave infrared imaging, and what this technology’s role can be as it relates to machine vision applications.

  4. Product Video: Achieving Laser Beam Consistency

    This year at Photonics West, Dan Ford with the Ophir Photonics Group talked to us about the importance of achieving laser consistency.

  5. Challenges In Operating Pulsed Laser Diodes For LIDAR Applications

    Jeff Briton and Dragan Grubsic discuss some of the challenges involved in operating pulsed laser diodes and avalanche photodiodes in LIDAR for the automotive and sensor markets.

  6. Three Things To Consider Before Purchasing A High Speed Camera

    At Photonics West 2017, Gene Nepomuceno with Vision Research spent a few minutes with us discussing the three main factors one should take into account before selecting a high speed camera – resolution, frame rate, and sensitivity (with an honorable mention for transferring the data off of the camera).

  7. What Wavelength Range Should You Use?

    At Photonics West 2017, Greg Staples focused on selecting different wavelengths for specific applications. Watch the video for wavelength selection guidance for precision agriculture, food sorting, mining, pharmaceutical quality control, and more.

  8. Product Video: New Imaging Solution For Light-Starved Applications

    At Photonics West 2017, Mark Donaghy with Raptor Photonics introduced us to two new products – an EMCCD platform for astronomy, Bose-Einstein condensate studies, calcium signaling, and other light-starved applications, as well as a new HD VIS/SWIR camera that offers the lowest dark reading currents on the market.

  9. Export Compliances For Sensors Unlimited Cameras

    This year at Photonics West, Sensors Unlimited familiarized us with their export compliance guidelines for their line of cameras.

  10. Product Video: Chip-On-Tip Imaging Technology

    Paul Dempster with Toshiba kicks off his video at Photonics West 2017 with a quick summary of their legacy 3-chip CMOS cameras before going into a new offering – a chip-on-tip 0.7mm x 0.7mm CMOS sensor.