Lenses Videos

  1. Custom Is Our Standard

    Dan Denison with OptoSigma gave us an extensive look at his company’s optical components, opto-mechanics, stages, etc.

  2. Low Cost, High Speed Imaging Solutions

    Xenics' message at Photonics West in 2016 is straight and to point — low cost, and high speed.

  3. New 25mm SWIR Lens With High Spectral Transparency

    Gooch and Housego’s Jonathan Ironside-Smith and Andrezj Sosna took some time out of day one of the Photonics West 2016 exhibition to introduce us to the Barle 25mm SWIR lens.

  4. Stop-Motion Infrared Imaging On Fast Moving Targets

    Chris Bainter with FLIR gives us an up-close look at the world’s fastest full 640x512 infrared camera commercially available, providing full resolution at up to 1000 frames-per-second.

  5. Video: Nanopositioning Applications For Microscopy, Neuroscience, And Metrology

    PI provides a large variety of fast Z-Stages and collar piezo objective positioners for 3D imaging (Z-stack acquisition), deconvolution, and fast focusing applications. These Piezo nanopositioning stages & positioners are essential tools for high-resolution metrology and microscopy applications due to their sub-atomic resolution and extremely fast response times.

  6. Hexapod 6-Axis Systems for Micro Manufacturing / Fiber Alignment Operation

    This video is an introduction of hexapod parallel kinematic 6-axis positioners, and a visual representation of key features of operation.

  7. Revolutionary New Vacuum Technology From Raptor Photonics: PentaVac™

    PentaVac™ is a new vacuum technology from Raptor Photonics that permits deep cooling to Δ -111°C, and can minimize dark current, hot spots, and blemishes during longer exposure times. This new technology can be used in many applications including calcium signaling, live cell imaging, high content screening, adaptive optics, flow cytometry, FRET/FRAP/TIRF, high resolution fluorescence imaging, particle imaging velocimetry, solar cell inspection, and genome sequencing.

  8. Video: The Full Spectrum

    Ophir-Spiricon products have the ability to measure the output for every laser wavelength along the electromagnetic spectrum. This video provides a brief introduction of Ophir’s wide range of equipment used in different spectrum regions to measure and profile lasers.

  9. Video: Does Damage Threshold Depend On Power Level?

    Does the power density damage threshold really change with power? Shouldn’t it remain the same throughout the whole power range? This video presents evidence suggesting that the specified damage threshold does depend on the power level, and not just power density.

  10. Aquila Micro UAV Thermal Payload Powered By DRS

    The Aquila Micro, powered by DRS Technologies, is a Liteye Systems’ high performance UAV Thermal Payload. This device features 320 x 240 resolution, Vanadium Oxide (VOx) LWIR, a DRS patented advanced absorber micro bolometer superstructure, greater sensitivity, improved detection, and unparalleled thermal imagery.