Lenses Videos

  1. Hyperspectral Camera For Systems Integration

    Telops has responded to the request of their customers for a smaller version of their Hyper-Cam hyperspectral camera and has miniaturized it enough so that it can be integrated into smaller systems and packages.

  2. 5 Considerations When Selecting A High Speed IR Camera

    Vincent Farley with Telops offers insight into what to consider before selecting a high speed infrared camera.

  3. Moisture And Chemical Detection, And How SWIR Can Help

    On day two of SPIE’s 2016 DCS exhibition, Martin Ettenberg, CEO of Princeton Infrared Technologies, took some time out of the day to explain how SWIR technology is uniquely poised for use in moisture and chemical detection.

  4. 3 Considerations Before Purchasing A SWIR Imager

    At SPIE’s DCS 2016 exhibition, Sensors Unlimited — UTC Aerospace Systems, Brendan Murphy, spent some time with Photonics Online to school us up on the three primary things one should consider before purchasing a SWIR imager — resolution, global availability, and cost.

  5. How To Specify Optical Coatings For Sensor Applications

    This year at SPIE’s DCS exhibition, Donna with DSI gave us a quick on-location hello from the show floor before turning it over to principle investigator Kevin Gibbons so that he could offer some advice on what you should consider before determining an optical coating’s specifications for sensing applications.

  6. The Challenges And Benefits Of Wafer Molding Technology

    Umicore has recently adopted wafer molding technology to address this very issue, and their global technical director John Franks spent some time with us at SPIE’s DCS 2016 to speak with us about it.

  7. Benefits Of SLS (Strained Layer Superlattice) Technology

    FLIR’s scientific segment engineer James Ramsey kicked off our coverage of SPIE’s DCS 2016 exhibition by giving us a rundown on the benefits of SLS technology.

  8. POC Micro Assembly Services Introduction By Chuck Gerlowski

    Precision Optics Corporation (POC) is a world leader in manufacturing and fabricating micro optics components. The challenge for customers occurs when these small products need to be handled and assembled. POC offers micro assembly services as the solution.

  9. Precision Optics Corporation Introduction By Richard Cyr

    Precision Optics Corporation (POC) focuses on manufacturing micro lenses, lens systems, and prisms with sizes down to 180 microns. This video, featuring Richard Cyr at Photonics West 2016, is an introduction on the POC laboratory and their optics capabilities.

  10. Design Challenge Accepted

    At 2016’s Photonics West, Ray Fontayne provided us with a general overview of Opto Diode and the markets they serve.