Flir Videos

  1. New LWIR Module Turns An iPhone Into An Infrared Camera

    At Photonics West 2014, Chris Bainter with FLIR showed us two new innovative infrared camera products.

  2. Infrared Camera for Research and Science Applications

    In this video, Chris Bainter introduces the FLIR A6700SC IR (infrared) camera. This camera is ideal for electronics inspection, medical thermography, manufacturing, and non-destructive testing applications. Watch the video to learn about its unique features and specifications.

  3. Infrared Dolphin Adventure

    In this video, the T640 infrared camera and SC8300 HD IR camera are used to capture infrared images of dolphins in action at the Hilton Waikoloa. In addition to some interesting images in general, this video highlights how infrared imaging can be used in animal medicine applications to detect hot spots on the dolphins.

  4. Infrared Camera At The Gun Range

    This video is a collection of infrared imagery taken at a gun range by the SC8300 infrared camera. We get to see an M249 SAW in action, as well as the effects of the rounds on a specified target.

  5. Punkin Chunkin Thermal Video

    In 2012, FLIR captured infrared imagery with their SC6800 IR camera at the annual Punkin Chunkin World Championships. The SC6800 can capture highly sensitive infrared imagery at 565 frames per second at full 640x512 frame resolution.

  6. Blue Angels Flight Squadron In Infrared

    This video features images of the Blue Angels Flight Squadron in action at the Pease Airfield taken with FLIR’s SC83000 HD infrared camera.

  7. New Price Performance Point For Thermal Infrared

    Ross Overstreet of FLIR Systems gives us an introduction to several different cameras. We see a megapixel infrared camera for demanding applications that require high sensitivity, high frame rate, and the optics flexibility; a high performance NIR camera for solar cell testing, medical research, and astronomy; and a low-cost microbolometer camera for entry-level applications.

  8. Live From SPIE DSS 2012: FLIR Demos Mid-Wave Science-Grade Cameras For R&D Applications

    Dave Bursell, director of the Science Segment at FLIR Systems, talks to Photonics Online about FLIR's line of mid-wave infrared (MWIR) science-grade cameras for R&D thermography applications. These include the X8400 1280 x 1024 MWIR InSb camera, the X6550 640 x 512 MWIR InSb camera, the X6800 high-speed MWIR camera, and the X8300 high-speed MWIR megapixel camera.

  9. Live From Photonics West 2012: Showcasing Two Advanced Cameras

    Dave Bursell of FLIR Systems, Inc., showcases the SC2600 near infrared camera for the research and science community, which has a response in the .9 to 1.7 micron bandwidth. He also discusses the SC8300 HD Infrared camera, a 3 to 5 micron bandwidth measuring instrument with sensitivity greater than 20 mK.

  10. FLIR Orion Series Video - See How The FLIR Orion SC7000 Series Can Work For You

    The FLIR Orion SC7000 Series camera is an infrared imager capable of collecting multispectral data into a single camera. The FLIR Orion SC7000 Series is specifically designed for R&D applications, infrared signature analysis and IR tracking.