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  1. Playing It Safe Together: Bearing Traffic In Mind

    Driver assistance systems with sensitive sensors and networked cameras can save lives. The EU wants to commit to assistance systems in new cars from next year in order to reduce the number of road fatalities and serious injuries caused by traffic.

  2. From A Vision To High-Volume Production

    The automotive industry is dabbling in driverless cars. The vehicle of the future is making its way through traffic with LIDAR technology – and creating a market worth billions. And First Sensor is equipping leading manufacturers.

  3. The Rise Of Cobots

    The trend toward taking machines previously housed in cages and allowing them to work more closely with human colleagues as collaborative systems calls for equipment such as sensors that monitor a robot's surroundings, give it dexterity when it grasps objects, or determine its position in the room. 

  4. How Innovative In Vitro Diagnostics Is Saving Lives

    When it comes to a heart attack, every second counts. But help often comes too late. Around 50,000 people die of acute myocardial infarctions every year in Germany. Two thirds of them could be saved by treatment in the first 90 minutes. Together with its partners, First Sensor has developed a sensor system for in vitro diagnostics.

  5. Autonomous Taxis, Buses And Trains Are Gaining Ground

    Autonomous vehicles are the words on everyone's lips. In the field of public transport in town and country, a networked mobility mix will soon lead to more pleasant and more efficient road traffic. First Sensor is working with partner companies on launching driverless buses and trains fitted with optical sensors on road and rail.

  6. A LiDAR Designer’s Guide To Sensor Technologies For Automotive/Mobility Systems

    How design engineers for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of LiDAR systems can choose between differing sensor technologies.

  7. On The Rise Together: Sensitive Senses For Land And Air

    Autonomous systems are not only in demand on the roads, they are also on the rise in the industry. Companies are particularly using drones for visual inspection and logistics. The artificial senses of First Sensor regulate navigation and interaction with humans.

  8. Introduction To Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs)

    Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs) are radiation detectors designed with extremely high sensitivity, high efficiency, and very low time jitter. The technology is based on reversed biased p/n diodes, making them capable of direct light detection ranging from near ultra violet to near infrared. 

  9. First Sensor Company Brochure

    First Sensor is one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality certified sensor solutions. With their headquarters in Berlin, Germany, the company has sales and production locations in the USA, Canada, Singapore, the UK, France, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

  10. Mobility Brochure

    First Sensor’s mobility capabilities accompany the automotive industry in new era of smart mobility. With innovative pressure sensors and cameras designed to withstand the toughest conditions, First Sensor is able to adapt and optimize their products to individual requirements and applications.