Biotechnology & Medical Videos

  1. Infrared Camera for Research and Science Applications

    In this video, Chris Bainter introduces the FLIR A6700SC IR (infrared) camera. This camera is ideal for electronics inspection, medical thermography, manufacturing, and non-destructive testing applications. Watch the video to learn about its unique features and specifications.

  2. PI Medical: Piezo for Medical Design

    Piezo electronic drives from Physik Instrumente are ideal for meeting the equipment needs for therapy diagnosis and the administration of medication which impairs the patient as little as possible.

  3. New Price Performance Point For Thermal Infrared

    Ross Overstreet of FLIR Systems gives us an introduction to several different cameras. We see a megapixel infrared camera for demanding applications that require high sensitivity, high frame rate, and the optics flexibility; a high performance NIR camera for solar cell testing, medical research, and astronomy; and a low-cost microbolometer camera for entry-level applications.

  4. Lenses For Machine Vision, Surveillance, And Medical Applications

    In this video, Jim Sullivan, director of sales and marketing for Schneider Optics, tells us about his company’s C-mount lenses, emerald ruby lenses, and xenon emerald lenses at Photonics West 2013.

  5. Three-Chip Cameras For Surgical Imaging, Medical Microscopy, Broadcast Applications

    Paul Dempster, director of sales and marketing for Toshiba’s Imaging Systems Division, walks us through their three-chip industrial camera offerings at Photonics West 2013.