Aviation & Aerospace Videos

  1. SWIR Camera For Military And Industrial Imaging

    Technology involving military and industrial imaging applications is prevalent at DSS this year, and Sensors Unlimited's was no exception. Check out the video to hear Bob Jones talk about two newer SWIR cameras for these two market segments, and what makes them a fit for each.

  2. Thin Film Coatings And Optical Assemblies

    Dan Bukaty, president of Precision Glass and Optics (PG&O) offers up some information on his company’s thin film coating capabilities and optical assemblies. PG&O’s optical solutions are used in a wide variety of applications – from mission critical aerospace and defense systems, to biomedical and display applications.

  3. Taking On The Projects That No One Else Wants

    IRD Glass vice president of sales and marketing Todd Anderson gave us a brief overview of his company and their special capabilities in detailed machining, grinding, lapping, and polishing.

  4. Sensors Unlimited Takes Other InGaAs Technology Companies To School

    Doug Malchow with Sensors Unlimited, Inc. - UTC Aerospace Systems, gives us a closer look the world’s most sensitive InGaAs camera, and the world’s most sensitive megapixel high definition InGaAs camera.

  5. SWIR Area Cameras See Improvements In Electron Read Noise

    This year at Optics and Photonics, Doug Malchow with UTC Aerospace Systems gives us a perspective of how their SWIR area cameras fit with each other, as well as the progression of their improvements in electron read noise, resolution, and more. We also get to see an demonstration of a SWIR camera imaging through paint.

  6. New Compact SWIR Camera Provides High Quality Imaging In All Lighting Conditions

    Tara Martin introduces us to UTC Aerospace’s new SU640CSX SWIR camera. The camera is ideal for low-light level imaging, covert surveillance, multi-laser spotting and tracking, and imaging through atmospheric obscurants. Because of its small size, it can be easily integrated into UASs, handheld, and solider-mounted systems.

  7. Mission Critical Solutions for Aerospace and Defense

    Eric Desfonds with Excelitas runs us through their offerings displayed at SPIE DSS 2013.

  8. Fine Resolution, Better Sensitivity, And SWIR Imaging Make For Deeper OCT Imaging

    Doug Malchow of UTC Aerospace gives us an overview of the GL2048L InGaAs Linescan Camera at Photonics West 2013.

  9. Cameras For Applications In Solar, Military, Agricultural Markets, And More

    Don Pancza, account manager with Goodrich ISR Systems/UTC Aerospace discusses his company’s recent merger, and reviews their products on display at the show.

  10. Abrisa Technologies: Enabling Your World

    This short video highlights Abrisa Technologies' glass strengthening, glass fabrication, precision thin films, and specialty flat glass capabilities for the aerospace/defense, display/imaging, lighting/entertainment, medical, and photovoltaic markets.