Aviation & Aerospace Products

  1. High Sensitivity Shortwave IR Camera w/ Enhanced Dynamic Range: 640KTSX

    Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems introduces the 640KTSX-1.7RT InGaAs video camera, featuring high-sensitivity and wide dynamic range. It provides real-time daylight to low-light imaging in the Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) wavelength spectrum for persistent surveillance, laser detection, and penetration through fog, dust, and smoke.

  2. Semiconductor Lasers for Defense
    A new class of applications are being pursued with QPC Lasers because of their high brightness, high efficiency and power performance.
  3. High Resolution, High Sensitivity InGaAs SWIR Area Camera: 640SDX

    The large format 640 x 512 pixel 640SDX-1.7RT InGaAs room temperature solid-state camera allows users to capture images in the Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) range of 0.9 to 1.7 ,m. Its high resolution and high sensitivity provide real-time night-glow-todaylight imaging for passive surveillance and use with lasers.

  4. Distributed Sensing System: Model DSS 4300

    Luna Technologies’ Distributed Sensing System (DSS) 4300 is a fiber optic sensing tool for making distributed measurements of temperature and strain. The DSS uses swept-wavelength interferometry to simultaneously interrogate thousands of sensors integrated in a single fiber.

  5. Selective Wavelength Photodiodes
    Opto Diode Corporation, a U.S. manufacturer of advanced performance photodetectors and visible and infrared LEDs, presents their line of Selective Wavelength Photodiodes. Each photodetector features a variety of active areas and peak wavelength responses, to fit your application.

    As with the higher specification FASTCAM SA1 and SA5 models in this series, the FASTCAM SA4 camera utilizes the same CMOS sensor with a 20µm pixel delivering an ISO light sensitivity of 10,000 (monochrome) and 4,000 (color), both measured to the published ISO 12232 Ssat standard.

  7. SWIR Cameras For Photovoltaic Inspection

    Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems announces that high resolution, shortwave infrared (SWIR) area and linescan cameras are being used to improve the manufacturing yield of photovoltaic cells. SWIR technology is well suited to monitor the quality of solar thin films, concentrated PV, and crystalline cells, to maximize efficiency of the solar cell manufacturing process through final assembly of the completed modules.

  8. Multi-Channel Hermetically Sealed Optical Fiber Assemblies
    As part of its continued commitment to customer satisfaction and industry leadership, OZ Optics is pleased to announce that it has extended its product offering of hermetically sealed fiber feedthrus to include assemblies with up to 16 fibers, arranged in a ribbon configuration.
  9. High Performance SWIR 50 mm Lens

    Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems introduces the high performance SWIR Optimized 50mm Lens for advanced imaging in the 0.7 to 1.7 micron spectral range.

  10. Software For SWIR Imaging: Image Analysis Software

    Image Analysis Software by Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems.