ZMI Series – Displacement Measuring Interferometers

Zygo - ZMI

ZMI lasers provide highly stabilized, two-frequency output which provides a firm foundation for high-precision position metrology. These lasers are based on robust Helium-Neon technology that has high reliability and is used as a standard definition of the meter.

The ZMI 7705 is used with the ZMI 501A measurement enclosure to provide up to two axes of measurement in a compact package. The ZMI 7702, 7714, and 7724 lasers can be used with the ZMI 240X and 4X04 series measurement boards. Higher power lasers allow you to measure more axes with a single unit. The 7714 and 7724 lasers are water cooled to achieve greater frequency stability for ultimate precision.

The Optical Isolation feature on the 7714 and 7724 lasers provides greater flexibility and ease of use by protecting the laser from back reflections from components in the interferometer system.