Webinar | July 20, 2021

The Role Of Metrology In Health

May 20, 2021 was World Metrology Day, commemorating the signing of the Metre Convention in 1875 by representatives of seventeen nations. This convention provided the basis for an understandable measurement system worldwide, marking the beginning of formal international collaboration in metrology. Metrology continues to impact our everyday lives: some are subtle, and others are quite significant. For example, metrology plays a key role in scientific discovery, as well as manufacturing and defense;  it's also critical in improving our quality of life and protecting our planet.

World Metrology Day 2021 Theme 

This year’s World Metrology Day 2021 theme is Measurement for Health. As the name suggests, this theme highlights the importance of measurements and their impact on heathcare, as well as the necessity of calibration of medical instruments and other instruments used in measurement to ensure continuous accuracy. Metrology is a part of everything from medical device manufacturing process to quality measurements in healthcare.

In the latest podcast, Eric Felkel, Product Manager, discusses how metrology is critical for health-related applications and the importance of ensuring that metrology underpings all aspects of the manufacturing process in healthcare to ensure quality and lower costs.