News | October 8, 2015

STIL Launches CCS Optical Comparator - STEP

By Ed Biller, Editorial Director


STIL, inventor of chromatic confocal imaging and world leader in the domain of chromatic confocal distance sensors, designs and manufactures high-performance optical instrumentation. With over 20 years’ experience, the French company has created two families of point sensors (CHR and CCS) and a family of line-sensor (MPLS) based on this innovative concept.

This year, STIL has just launched its newest product: CCS Optical Comparator - STEP

STEP is based on the exceptional and innovative optical property of "Depth of field of PERFECT FOCUS" which consists in the chromatic extension of a perfectly focused Confocal set up. The unique Optical Comparator STEP offers very fast and very accurate measuring of objects heights.

The Optical Comparator STEP accepts all types of surfaces, glossy or diffusive, rough or polished, soft or sticky, deformable, transparent… Obviously, STEP can measure all types of materials, metal, plastic, rubber, paper, wood, liquid… Equipped with STIL Chromatic Confocal Optical Pens, the optical comparator STEP has an incomparable precision, down to a few tens of nanometers when necessary.

  • Measuring range: from 0.1 mm to 24 mm
  • Optical Pen accuracy: From 16 nm to 1.6 µm
  • Max measuring rate: Up to 10 KHz
  • Number of Chromatic objectives: Turret with 3 objectives
  • Digital outputs: USB / RS232 / RS422
  • Analog outputs: 2 Configurable outputs: 0-10 V
  • Trigger modes: Master and Slave


  • One single controller
  • Three different measuring ranges
  • High axial and lateral resolution
  • Depth of field of PERFECT FOCUS
  • Compact and light weight
  • Free choice of CCS Controller