Ed Biller

Ed Biller

Ed Biller currently serves as a custom content writer for VertMarkets' vendor partners, interviewing subject matter experts (SMEs) and writing articles based on those interviews. These pieces serve our partners by educating their clients and potential customers, as well as helping organizations make informed decisions when purchasing products or services. His work spans the life sciences, RF/microwave, optics/photonics, food, and IT industries.

Ed formerly served as the editorial director for RF Globalnet, Photonics Online, and Med Device Online, establishing partnerships with SMEs across the medical device, RF/microwave, and optics/photonics industries, providing them the means and the editorial support to share their insights, experiences, and best practices among professionals involved in the development, manufacture, and regulatory navigation of technologies in these spaces.

He also penned columns and news pieces for each site, as well as oversaw editorial production of the Electronics Group's annual publication, Electronic Military & Defense, between 2015 and its final printing in 2018.

Prior to joining VertMarkets in 2015, Ed worked as a reporter for the Butler Eagle in Butler, Pa., and as a writer/editor for Dick Jones Communications, a niche public relations firm serving higher education institutions. He holds a B.A. in journalism from Penn State University, where he was a columnist for The Daily Collegian.

Connect with Ed on LinkedIn or email him at ebiller@vertmarkets.com