News | April 3, 2020

Small Infrared Components = Large Impact In Supporting Healthcare

Essential Devices for Lifesaving Medical Systems

Bedford, NH – April 2, 2020 – Many organizations and companies are looking to find a way to help those with COVID-19 have a positive outcome. In the wake of this pandemic, Laser-Components USA, Inc. offers IR detectors and emitters that go into lifesaving medical devices.
These devices are made up of many parts and components that allow them to perform specific functions that are integral in helping to save lives, such as Capnography (End Tidal CO2), and Pulse Oximeters, with parts per million precision.  
Lead Selenide detectors are used in ventilators to accurately measure CO2 levels expelled by a patient, confirming the absorption of oxygen.  The small, optical sensors provide the necessary sensitivity and functionality in both capnography and pulse oximetry, ensuring the correct amount of detection.  Laser Components is a market leader in infrared detector technology, with highly experienced and educated employees, serving the healthcare and medical industries.  Our wafer production capacity and facilities are ready to meet the IR detector demand to the medical market created by the COVID-19 outbreak.  
The health and safety industries heavily rely on applying the principles of emission and absorption spectroscopy in identifying key gases such as CO2. In addition, IR components such as InGaAs and Pyroelectrics, that look at carbon monoxide, methane and oxygen play a vital role in ensuring necessary detection functions. Above all, Laser Components and its employees are focused and committed to serving worldwide critical care industries and organizations.
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