News | August 7, 2020

Schools And Safety: How UVC LED Technology Can Help Re-Opening Safely

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Bedford, NH – August 4, 2020 – As late summer approaches, the safe reopening of schools is of major concern, as the COVID 19 pandemic continues. Once again, Livermore, CA based Bolb, Inc. is taking a leadership role in creating a pathogen elimination response to this global challenge. The implementation of virus inactivating ultraviolet (UVC) Germicidal LED (GLED) technology helps protect educators, staff, and students, by reducing surface contamination and creating air disinfection methods to help contain delineated safe breathing zones.

GLED based solutions, in addition to other factors, can help in providing fast, vigilant, and global security. The small form factor solution is effective, easy to install, non-toxic and personalized for each learning space. It helps combat virus laden aerosol and infectious droplets, that are airborne.

Lightweight aerosols, that are exhaled from those who are asymptomatic, travel across rooms, while heavier, more complex droplets settle out of the air within 3 feet. The application of transmission devices lies ideally between all points of exhale and inhale for each student. intervention in treating the air at each desk or learning pod could be the best approach to keeping SarsCOV2 at bay.

Inactivation of the virus using UVC GLED technology has been certified by multiple Bio L2 Labs and ongoing testing at government agencies. GLEDs have been shown to achieve a 99.99% reduction, microbiological disinfection, of both the hCOV surrogate and the actual SarsCOV2 pathogen. Bolb, Inc. and its channel partner, LASER COMPONENTS USA, are committed to providing the excellent customer service and updated technologies for the good of all.

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